What a totalitarian regime needed repentance?

Recognition Iranians Halef Esfandyyary and Keanu Taybahsha scenes accompanied revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. Commentators linked actions these countries U.S. attempts to change the situation in Iran.
Modern history also knows examples of public repentance people. In This year Belarusian TV broadcast pakayalnyya recognizing the former participant applets Kalinowski student Mikhailov.
Demonstrated on TV and the recognition of the former military Ruskin, who agreed to cooperate with the Polish intelligence.
Why Belarusian regime needed public repentance?
Previous Lawyer Alexander Kozulin Igor Rynkevich recalls cases of legal practice:
"It is fundamentally not only to defeat an opponent, but to show the fact that it broke inside, obey authority. This dictatorship is even more crucial.
On the example of Alexander Kozulin say that such trials were. And not only with respect thereto. I know that personally prisoners or their relatives encouraged to write letters to Lukashenko, that he may have mercy on them. But, as I understand, none of this is not done. "
Recognized human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla believes that the practice of public penance indicates undemocratic political regime:
"Let me remind you that such repentance were used in Russian Union, For example, during the process of Bukharin. They are necessary in order to assure the objectivity of the people, the legitimacy of the persecution of dissidents.
But the international community is wary of such facts repentance. Their estimate as confirmation heresy confirmation ideological treatment of the population. "
Statkevich said, that power did not even offer him to repent, because everyone knows about his integrity:
"Totalitarian society demand that they be given one undeniable truth, which is the carrier power. Prevents this opposition. Because opposition must either kill or to show its futility.
One form of monopoly power confirm the truth is repentance opposition. This requires transparency. Note that if the dissidents of the 1970s did not repent in public processes over them became private.
The authorities want to achieve repentance and from Belarusian opposition, but fails. Then use methods ilzhepakayannya. Take anyone unknown person and show it on the display, where he knows how to rat poison or water as he sold his homeland. "

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