What came to Minsk Hugo Chavez?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the second time visit Belarus. Friendship based on what 2-countries? What are the prospects of military-technical cooperation of the states? Or effective Belarusian-Venezuelan economic projects?
Why not appear global anti-American alliance?
Valery Karbalevich"After last year’s visit to Minsk Venezuelan President Lukashenko’s visit was planned in Caracas. But it did not work, and instead of this — the new arrival of Hugo Chavez to Belarus.
A year earlier, as followed from the expressions 2-heads, was cooperation in the political, ideological plane. Kinship adnatypnasts political regimes and political leadership, anti-Americanism became the basis of friendship.
Many professionals had read about the development of a global anti-American, anti-globalization Union front, International, headed by Belarus can become, Venesuela, Cuba, Iran. And speaking of Chavez and Lukashenko at the NAM summit last year, allegedly testified in favor of these goals.
But as time passed, it became clear that apart from rhetoric, no more movement in this direction is not. Moreover, the rhetoric (namely, Lukashenko) has become more restrained. It can be seen, for example, during his visit to Minsk nedavneshnego Iranian President Ahmadinejad.
Than clarify this? Leaders realized the danger to pull the tiger’s tail? "
Sergey Bogdan"The idea to put a certain attitude to the country in the framework of a global alliance fruitless. Alliances based on ideological motives, very unsteady. Testifies global history, from the Union" 3 rulers. "Must be other nuances of collaboration.
The problem lies in the varying degrees of commitment to anti-Americanism in different alliance members. Belarusian regime has the lowest level of confidence in the U.S. confrontation.
And it is very different from the rhetoric of Ahmadinejad, who really believe that the U.S. is a natural enemy of Iran. The same applies to Chavez. "
Alexander Starikevich"I think the official Minsk seriously and did not plan to create such union. Lukashenko can almost all incriminating, but not in what he is doing in foreign policy vain things.
Pay attention — on the one hand, Belarus is friends with international pariahs. On the other hand, membership is carried out only with the outcasts, in which something can be obtained. Venesuela, Iran — oil country. But North Korea Minsk is not friendly, as with Mugabe. Since there is nothing to take.
The Belarusian leader is obviously not a lot of love burns to the U.S., but to make real inroads against them beware. Because anti-American speech Lukashenko — it’s just rhetoric. And it is largely addressed Chavez. "
What are the prospects of military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Venezuela?
Karbalevich"Today’s visit Chavez noted, first, military nuance. Venesuela currently allocates huge funds for re — while not an American tool and technique. Especially important in this respect was the visit to Moscow.
Yes, and in the Belarusian-Venezuelan cooperation military factor plays an important role. Question about the first air defense system. What could you say about the military-technical cooperation 2-states? "
Bogdan"This trend seems promising, but limited, because we are very dependent on the Russian Federation in this regard. Hardly in this market, we can act as a standalone player. And if we will cooperate with Russian companies, we can get excellent returns.
And likely option when Belarus will become a mediator in the transfer of Venezuela some guns, which do not want our homeland directly. But all the information on this issue, as well as in general, closed. "
Starikevich"Indeed, it is hard to consider, because there is no disk imaging. But I think that from this commerce can be an excellent income for the municipal budget, and for individual control of the country."
Or effective Belarusian-Venezuelan economic projects?
Karbalevich"What can you say about economic cooperation? There are many projects. Main line — cooperation in the oil sector. They say that in the next year Belarus will be able to produce oil there. Belarus implies build there houses, and other objects.
But all these projects raise many questions. Whether that will pay off oil when overseas to carry workers to build a settlement for them to make significant investments serious? Is there a economic calculation?
On the other hand, it is necessary to decide whether the huge operation projects in Venezuela, where the lack of housing in Minsk, cement and builders? Maybe such weird business going on here since the policy is ahead of the economy? "
Bogdan"I do not agree with your hesitation. When setting the respective cases it can pay off. Absolutely not necessarily carry all employees across the ocean. Quite drive there just managers and technical professionals. But lower-level employees no carries, gaining them on the spot.
Another question is whether we have the experts at developing and cooked in oil. After Venezuelan oil differs from Belarus.
But to benefit from the oil project, I think, maybe. It is not necessarily carry the extracted oil to Belarus. It can be sold in other places to make a profit.
The question of oil production in the other end of the world is not an issue for any of the oil company. The main problem is that not all allowed to oil. And we have a unique opportunity.
But to come back — it does not mean that we are stuck there. Ba allowed us to only by the grace of their favorite. But if you change them, or our favorite, or other political changes occur, we can just take off from there.
Other projects may also be fruitful. Through Venezuela, we can reach out to other markets in Latin America. And talk about the fact that in many respects these policies — may not be worth it. After all, the world is permeated with politics. "
Karbalevich"The American company go from Venezuela in connection with declared nationalization. A Belarusian company comes. This in the context of a conversation about politics."
Bogdan"There may be certain calculation by Chavez. Venezuelan National opportunity not afford to fill the Yankees care. A company like Belarus will be the least legible. They, unlike American companies will not complain if they are, so to speak, to pull for laces. "
Starikevich"The main problem is that while the hard talk about the Belarusian-Venezuelan economic affairs. Absolutely After all, they are built on personal relationships Lukashenko and Chavez. Because they are very risky. But with all deference to the" Belorusneft "is not a good substitute" Shell ".
Because this game I would compare the short-term municipal bonds pyramid, which was released in Russia defaulted in 1998. Everyone knew that it certainly will. But everyone expected that he will have time to specifically in this case to make.
In our case, hard to say who outplayed. After all, it is estimated professionals Venezuelan oil industry brought Chavez to terrible condition. Because hard to say that there can earn.
Lukashenko praises Chavez to get some dividends. In April this year the Belarusian journalists favorite read: "The role of Hugo Chavez has no price. He engine and locomotive of global development." But I think that with this motor, we’ll pick not too far. "
Bogdan"Not sure about the state of the Venezuelan oil industry such terrible. Taking into account the fact that Chavez expel foreign company started not so long ago, it is unlikely that there destroyed the entire infrastructure."
Karbalevich"The fact that a planned visit to Venezuela Lukashenko did not take place, quite accurate. It shows that not everything is so simple in relations between Belarus and Venezuela, as we wish to justify municipal officials and the media."

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