What was Zhadobin career?

He was born in 1954 in Dnepropetrovsk. In the armed forces — since 1972. In 1976 he graduated from the Kazan Higher Tank Command School in 1985 — Team Department of the Military Academy of Armored Forces in Moscow. During 1976 to 1990, was promoted to commander of the regiment. From 1990 until 1999 he served in command positions in the Belarusian Defense civilians and Interior Troops. Since 1999 and up to the destination as Managing Presidential Security Service worked as Deputy Minister Interior — Commander of the Internal Troops Republic of Belarus.
According to the official disk imaging, Yuri Zhadobin awarded the Order "For Service to the Motherland" of the third degree and "the Red Star" first degree, also a medal "For perfect service" first degree.
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