What will happen in Belarus this week

In Mon September 22 Belarus for the first time participate in the European Ecological Action "day without a car." I recall only in Minsk 469 thousand cars, which emit an unlimited amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere. According to Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Alexander Apatski, purpose of the action is also to assure Belarusians limit its dependence on the car.
"I think such actions we will take root and will be repeated. We analyze the error and create a subsequent action even better. "
Sept. 23 premature start voting in elections to the House of Representatives. Function early voting in Belarus many aggressively criticized. Lawyer says the electoral law Misha Pliska.
"The fact is that during the early voting does not provide the ability to control the voting and the observance of the ballot boxs ".
Wednesday September 24th and 18 o’clock in the Minsk Palace of Arts will be presented anthology of world poetry translations into Belarusian entitled "Voices from the horizon." Compiler reads books poet Michas Scoble.

"This is the result of 2-hundred interpreters throughout the 20th century. The book includes about 7 hundred creators, ranging from the famous Homer. In Belarusian there they say Shakespeare and Dante, Czeslaw Milosz and Pushkin Servantes and Omar Khayyam … They con us all shoulder in the struggle for Belarus. "

September 25th starts 5 th in a row "German Week" in Belarus. In the program there — Congress Germanists, days of the German economy, the presentation of films and readings, workshops for journalists. What is important for Belarus German experience? Meets Social Democrat Statkevich, which is in close contact with the German adherents.
"We live in one world region, mental differences are not so significant as compared, for example, with the Japanese. Besides Germany a very good country and we basically teach the experiences of successful countries, including in the political sphere."
September 27 — Last day before the vote, when the promotion is prohibited by law.
And on September 28th elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus. Polling stations will unfold and eighth am and close and 8th evening.

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