Who cares how Yanka Kupala monument?

Funerary monument to Yanka Kupala located near the entrance to Minsk Military Cemetery.
Near the grave of two employees working the graveyard — Eugene Ermolenko and Vladimir Varaksa.
Reporter: "Who cares monument here?"
Yarmolenko: "We, the workers.’s With a broom, sweep. Often, the birds — we wash too. Winter — snow remove. There we always clean and tidy."
Reporter: "Or people come to the tomb of Yanka Kupala?"
Yarmolenko: "Come, how much more. With flowers — as it should be. Pensioners and students, and students, all stroll. Often, there were flowers, we arrive in the morning — put. Means someone came."
Reporter: "And is there so that people would come and read poetry?"
Varaksa: "Yes, there is — and a lot."
Reporter: "Maybe you remember what?"
Varaksa: "Yes."
Mushroom Head cemetery Anna and her deputy Valentina Gubar said that administration should look only for purity of the monument, but not a technical position:
Mushroom: "Guys shlyang take and wash — powder, water, he lost this green."
Gubar: "We had a committee, deputy director spetskambinatu said here and there was similar monument zairzhev then, a whole big hole failed. Even tapped the Yanka Kupala and states that our still strong. "
For the condition of gravestones Kupala meet in Central Administration district of Minsk.
Says chief engineer Viktor Zaitsev
"Our on. We are responsible for it, if someone does something. Vandals, at one point, was Marat Casa grenade stolen from the monument. Had to order, set. C Kupala — no, thank God, nothing such was not. "
Responsibility for the condition of monuments in the country and the government should be held in the name of the Ministry of Culture and other government agencies. In Belarus, in most cases it concerned public.
But gravestones Kupala destruction has not yet threatened, says architect Ales Shaternik:
"It was cast in bronze and bronze — it withstands all. Its not very hurt. There wall made of red granite, and I think, there slightly parted seams. But this is simply corrected.
What was manufactured while it was manufactured highly enough. The only thing that because of this Russian megalomania I would not agree with the size. All the same cemetery — a place where no was necessary to build pyramids. "

The creator of the monument at the grave of Yanka Kupala — Belarusian architect Anatoly Anikeichik. The monument is the 30th death anniversary of Yanka Kupala, in June 1972.

• be 65 years since the death of Yanka Kupala, 28.06.2007

• Nyaklyayeu: "My version: Yanka Kupala destroyed", 28.06.2005

• In Minsk celebrated the 123rd anniversary of Yanka Kupala, 7.06.2007

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