Who were shot in the forest near Gomel?

In a letter addressed Deputy Chairman Executive Committee, head of the regional commissions in the study and reburial Natalia Aksenova authoritative co-chairs of the organizing committee write it must find out who committed the massacres. Applicants believe, what you need look, if it can be executed names.
In this case should take into account evidence of local residents, say the signatories of the application.
"From previous experience of similar excavations (near Minsk and in other areas) we know about the attempts of certain persons zaidealyagizavanyh and even fabricate the results of research institutions," — said in the letter.
Co-chairs of the organizing committee to perpetuate the memory of the victims is suggested that the Commission for study and reburial of the Gomel Medical Institute Associate Professor were named Skoriny archaeologist Oleg Makushnikav and candidate of historical sciences from Minsk Anatoly Volohonovich. The appeal requires that new committee members could get acquainted with the materials of excavation.

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