Who won in another gas war?

"Gazprom" has agreed to defer payment of the official Minsk debt for delivered gas. Official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said:
"Well, we came back to normal, working relationship. And we expect that we will continue to work correctly with the signed contract, respectively. I wish to note that we only postponed the introduction of restrictions on the week. Because for this week Belarusians must pay the amount of debt that remains. And on August 23 to be done 100 percent payment for July. Will look like will do "Beltransgaz" those obligations. Subsequent target date August 10, 10:00 am. But in this case may be the reduction is not as significant as it would be now. Indeed, part of the debt has already been paid. "
Asked how reliable partner is the official Minsk Sergei Kupriyanov said: "All visible and so."
The Belarusian side paid in the first half of 55 percent of the suitable amount. A July 23 owed return the accumulated arrears. But this official Minsk did not. And now only paid part of the amount due.
"On July 1, the situation should be changed, and we had to go to one hundred percent payment. This has not yet happened, "- said Kupriyanov.
Russian economist, former advisor to the Russian government today calls Misha Deljagin gas conflict "normal commercial situation." He said that "Gazprom" and went to meet a reasonable compromise.
"Belarus is not a very rich country. And apart from the fact, we need to maintain a special case with Belarus. Differently with the Successor Lukashenko will support special case of NATO. And Belarus will such a mess, as in Ukraine. "
Sovereign Deljagin not consider critical and important week period:
"In this case, the tremendous support Lukashenko made the European Union, with which the first application of" Gazprom ", it would be good to do their abavyazannni began a tantrum in the style of last winter for Belarus, before last winter — that Ukraine. Because in case Lukashenko won not a week, and won the European Union for Lukashenko this week . "
Belarusian economist, managing center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk so commented the results of another gas conflict
"Lukashenko is, of course, tried to make so that its rating and position were winners. He again have spoiled of, the Kremlin and "Gazprom". He showed the range and the West that Russia will not bend under that keeps hitting. Besides, sent a signal to the West that it is necessary to speak about energy, not about politics and democracy. In short, tried to squeeze the most out of this situation.
A Belarus lost. After the first time she made a technical default. It showed that there is a reliable partner in energy projects in Europe.
The government also showed that weakness to take fundamental decisions.
And our homeland just swallowed the pill. Rollback of — political and media — was, in fact, no. I think that the Kremlin bit between his teeth. And we still have adab» are these icons, tossed Lukashenko on Russian the address. "
• "Gazprom" threatens to almost halve gas supplies to Belarus, 01.08.2007 •, owed: "There should be a immediate resignation of the government", 01.08.2007 • K.Kasachov: "Feed the Belarusian economy Our homeland is not going to 02.08.2007

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