Why is independence day celebrated in Belarus on July 3?


Man: "Since today Minsk was liberated. But the independence of Belarus has not received. But the problem of independence I do not think so fundamental as 100 — 150 years ago. At the moment, the world is built, because this question not quite fundamentally. If this prazdnichek, and to celebrate it at all. "
Man: "Belarus was released in today. She was released, and it gained independence. "
Lady: "In 1944, Minsk was liberated from the Nazi invaders. I think it was timed to this date. "
Man: "Frame is a day of liberation of Minsk. He was free from the invaders."
Young Man: "Minsk released. But independence day must be not today. July 27, 1990 was adopted Declaration of Independence. "
His friend: "Independence day to be celebrated on March 25. A July 3 made after the referendum."
Reporter: "Do you understand why independence day celebrated in Belarus on July 3?"
Man: "Liberation, and whatnot. Which we have independence? All of us in Europe to the Urals. Baron home. I last war. And independence — a relative term."
Lady: "This is a day of liberation of Minsk. Probably because ".
Lady: "Do not even think. I’m talking about this in general does not think so. "
Woman: "Since the day of victory."
Lady: "Since this day Minsk liberated from the Nazis. Later officially made it a day or independence."
Man: "This is a day of liberation from the Nazis. Segodnyaschy But prazdnichkom authorities attach a different meaning. Wants to show that perceived role in this. And no role in liberating power segodnyaschy bite."

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