Why on labels about the European March is no date of the march?

Victor Butto, Minsk: "Slightly about freedom, which appeared in the town of Minsk, when the republic was a parliamentary government. Other words about bureaucratic freedom. Bureaucrats and their representatives in December 1991 the freely and with impunity to perform executions of at least how citizen who does not belong to untouchable, and in 1996 even on many of the untouchables. They can even perform a flogging over the president of Belarus, if they wish. "Bureaucrats invent laws and antyzakony for violations of the constitutional rights of a citizen of Belarus and even entire groups of people, because they have lawyers werewolves, police, prosecutors, courts. They also have many other things to implement all criminal atrocities. This is just the top of the bureaucratic freedom, which does not differ from independence, democracy, whiteRussian language and many other sonorous and empty words that are used for the separation of civilization, for the maintenance of the bureaucratic regime unsafe to live in the town of Minsk, Belarus. Even
Larissa, Minsk: "According to statistics, the actual level in Belarus in three to four times lower than in Poland, not to mention other European countries. This noticeable even on how the process of buying the major products that support our body. Came to the market Now practically. At the fair a lot of vegetables and fruits, and the prices are such that even reveal wallet does not have the guts. prices even vegetables that grows in Belarus — cabbage, potatoes, beets, equal to the exotic. Overall, even the fairs can be judged on the situation of our agriculture. Because government hunt advise: get busy, reviving farm, otherwise you will not understand fortune. "
Man: "I have a lot of experience to-date. 75 years — this is the age. From 75 to 90 — it is old, who has beheld something and have actual experiences. Changeling some control on the other, more young, especially results do not . Their isolated but they did not ennoble the life of the people, which is considered usual and do better to their well-being, as they are not convinced of the following day. So it was in the 20th century, and this feeling. So it is necessary to experiment very carefully as old stallion does not spoil the furrow. A need to change their attitude, you want dedicate his life. This should be thought leaders who are at the head of the country. "
Man: "What is arrested and put on 15 days of youths who believe prazdnichkom real independence day of the Republic of Belarus — 27 July. July 27 — Independence day of the Republic of Belarus of the Russian Federation, whose dominance in Belarus already lasted two centuries. All former republics belonging to the Soviet Union, after the collapse of the empire prazdnichek celebrate independence, declaration of sovereignty, except Belarus. We considered the official days of independence on July 3, the date Minsk was liberated from the Nazi invaders. Though half the territory of the republic, on the west of Minsk, yet almost three weeks blared war bloodshed. This izymatelstvo the memory of those who died in those days. For example, Grodno was released only on July 24, the town Top, Brest — July 28. amazing and sickening that the president and historian can not understand history of the country he rules, and invented prazdnichek independence on July 3. Sorry, from whom? From Germans? In other words prazdnichek May 9 as a day of victory over Nazi Germany, it is celebrated all. BSSR Supreme Council July 27, 1990 year was adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipal our country, that was approved in the 1994 Constitution. "
Vladimir: "Why on labels of European march no date
Man: "It did not want to call for you, but I heard that Sukharenka is a prostration, according Koktyish with the" People’s Will. "So you, if you can not avoid such wording such unusual words, or at least been explained in upcoming text, what did it? None at the moment at hand dictionary of foreign words. But your audience — it’s not only highly educated people. "
Anastas Semenovich: "I have been through your favorite Radio Liberty congratulate you, Alexander Milinkevich, with Days of birth! We wish the whole family and your friends longevity. And we are confident that 2008 will be you and merry native Belarus. We you choose the president. Elections will be held next year. Economics is about the broken trough under intelligent control head chief and his assistant Belarus comrade Sidorsky. Again For you want good health, longevity and confidence in their own abilities. Dear Belarus lives! "
Lady: "Good day! No" peratrahvanni "above will not affect our economy, since the principle of its existence only defines one person. And his own views, he has not changed. "
Lady: "From all the controls" Belarusian cabins "I wish to congratulate manager now" Belarusian houses "Alla Mikhailovna Hodan anniversary. Pochetaemaya Alla, healthy for you, luckily for you, free Belarus, mind-blowing trips and partying in "Belorussian house."
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk "I hunt to express huge gratitude to Vladimir Nyaklyayeu, which time, as chairman of the Writers’ Union, has promoted me to release the book "To Life." Many thanks to you! Health and all the best productive work! "

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