Why Vika Moroz not released in Italy?

Vika Moroz could not fly to Italy on the grounds that her guardian Vasilevskoy Lena was not appropriate for the girls out documents, claims control of the press service of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops Alexander Tishchenko. According to Article 9 of the Law "On the Procedure for Leaving Republic of Belarus and arrival in the Republic of Belarus Belarusian people, "underage kids should in-1’s, have your passport, in-2, an exit from their parents or guardians, notarized. In the case mentioned, Vika Moroz Lena Vasilevskoy should be a document confirming that it is the legitimate representative of the girls — explains Alexander Tishchenko:

Alexander Tishchenko: "There was no document from which it would follow that Mrs. Vasilevska is the patroness"

"In this case, the citizen Vasilevskoy no documents that confirm that she is the patroness of the girls followed her. Vika had a passport, visa — all as it should be. Were decorated and documents in its patron. Yeah just did not have the document from which it would follow that Mrs. Vasilevska is the patroness. document issued in a suitable way must be with them. Household situation. Such situations very many … "
Naturally, Lena Vasilevskoy, which is the legitimate guardian Vicki Frost, have such a document with an official stamp. Specifically because it gets them allowance Vick. So says an employee of the department of education Zhodino executive committee. But with you to the airport Lena V. did not take it:
"She forgot the paper at home. Yesterday we spoke with her. She said that this document has not taken a very principled, which confirms that this child is assigned to her care."
In addition, Ms. Vasilevska before collected together with Vika Moroz abroad must obtain a permit guardianship authority — says an employee of the education department Zhodino Executive Committee:
"And she did not appeal to us to get permission for recuperation about the girl in Italy. She should have told us that he was going to go with Vika. This child is not her own. Et — state child."
So makarom, fate of so-called "Municipal kid" should dispose of the government, not the Vick and not even her foster family. In the meantime, education bureaucrats consider inappropriate Vicki trip to Italy. Namely, Deputy Education Minister Tatyana Kovalyov BelaPAN refers to Italian psychologists who, allegedly, expressed just such a world.
Vika Moroz herself and her guardian Lena Vasilevska still continue to hope that they will go to Italy.
Managing the press service of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops Alexander Tishchenko assured:
"We do not, as I am in control, no restrictions on Vicky Frost."

Until last summer boarding pupil Vileika Vika Moroz once traveled to Italy for a vacation to the family-Bornachin Giusto. In Last year home the couple decided not to give back the orphan in a boarding school. Within 20 days of both spouses mother hid Belarusian orphan in the Alps, but ultimately had return. At the end of last year the Belarusian authorities in custody arranged Vick family Zhodino Vassilievo. Coupled with devchenkoy brought up in the family and her brother. Italians invited and This year Vick together with reception mother Lena Vasilevskoy in Cogoleto, but August 2 Tipo due formalities with documents they were unable to fly to Italy.

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