Will Belarus Venezuelan loan?

"We consider this request and always able to help your friends," — said the Venezuelan favorite.
For disk imaging, which now extended number of news agencies, Chavez also noted Belarus Venesuela experience and constant attacks and anger from the U.S..
Venezuelan Embassy in Minsk has not yet officially confirmed disk imaging on loan Belarus.
Meanwhile current German Junge Welt quoted Venezuelan Minister Rodrigo Cabezas money that the request Lukashenko taken into account. Cabezas also noted that his office has not yet been informed about the issue in detail. This is currently engaged in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Venezuela.
According to Junge Welt, the question of the Venezuelan loan to Belarus is not something exceptional. In soon Minsk and Caracas have established close economic cooperation, including and military. While in June in Minsk, Chavez referred to Alexander Lukashenko "comrade." In the midst of projects Minsk and Caracas — vkladyvatelny cooperative fund of 500 million dollars. In addition, Venesuela going to buy a weapon in Belarus cost of 1 billion dollars, — recalls the German edition.

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