With great pleasure watching this political melyadramay

Man: "The sudden act of, when they twice vzvintsili gas prices, is not clear. Putin is a mistake. ‘Cause I’m pretty support Lukashenko."
Woman: "I think that is really our homeland at the moment begins a huge number of our companies just to buy. And for this it is imperative to look at. With this I agree. But Russia can not tear the case, as we have no natural resources. Even if we want independence from the Russian Federation, we can not get it. "
Dzyadok: "Lukashenko will do nothing. He would find elsewhere gas."
Man: "I’m for it, so as not to give Belarus".
Lady: "I have great pleasure watching this political melyadramay. During the past scandal was the phrase: "Our business gassed." And now he says, "I’m not going to the Kremlin, on my knees I will not." Feast for the eyes! It’s just some kind of "Santa Barbara."
Guy: "Belarus, in my opinion, be with Europe, not Russia. With Russia should be simpler: it is excellent for us — we have it with good, it is bad for us — need to respond to the same. "
Man: "I do not care."
Lady: "I think it will be difficult without the help of Russia."
Man: "Relationships — this case temporary. Now one authority, tomorrow — the other will be in Russia. It always staggers like a swing. "
Reporter: "But without RF Belarus live?"
Man: "live! Only need a little brains to think and work. "
Guy: "It is necessary to maintain the policy and immediately another without finding opponents — whether Poland or other countries. Simply he put the country in a state of dependence on Russia."
Man: "I think which can be do without the Russian Federation if find other friends for yourself — turn to the West. "
Reporter: "But without RF Belarus survive?"
Man: "It will be hard, and still survive."
Reporter ", Alexander Lukashenko spoke yesterday Our homeland that wants to privatize the industry not only in Belarus, and the whole country. How do you feel about that? "
Man: "I guess he’s right. He knows better. There oligarchic forces, who wish to long privatize everything, clean. "
Man: "he put it rather tartly. But without Russia, we will not survive. "
The old man, "Lukashenko said correctly: they pay. Maybe you need to turn the shafts to the West? "
Man: "I believe that Lukashenko little offended, and therefore spoke a little tactless. As I know, the privatization of Belarus has not foreseen Russia. Its just resentment led so to speak. "

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