WITHOUT A new generation fighter ROLE Europe declined — aerospace ACADEMY OF FRANCE

WITHOUT A new generation fighter ROLE Europe declined - aerospace ACADEMY OF FRANCE
In the absence of development programs from the last generation of combat aircraft Europe faces the risk of a «strategic reduction ‘own role in the world, has warned aerospace Academy of France, reports aviationweek.com December 2. In recent weeks, the research group of former senior military officers and retired managers aviation industry 28 European countries called for support for «key operational capabilities» to preserve the sovereignty in this area.

But, as they say representatives of the academy until nablyudaetetsya no real action. European efforts are scattered, the industry does not have a unified position, as happened in 1985, when unable to reach an agreement on the development of a Euro fighter (France and England went the way of creation and Rafale fighters, respectively Typhoon — approx. «VP»). Despite the continued decline in military spending in Europe is being created 3 competing types of combat aircraft — Eurofighter Typhoon (pictured), Rafale and Gripen.

In contrast to the conflicting claims to the brand new fighter who have been in the 1980s, now the military departments and industry executives say that none of the existing aircraft companies can not claim to be the general contractor for the entire aviation industry in Europe. Even angrily defending its independence the French company Dassault Aviation, which is mainly based on the «economic patriotism», no longer relies on municipal development support successor fighter Rafale, which is scheduled to adopt after 2040. «If we do nothing, in 20 years of European military aviation industry will be dead,» says a retired general, a member of the working group Academy Brevo Jean-Georges (Jean-Georges Brevot). European countries, pursuing «technological autonomy» fix such risk, while our homeland (T-50) and China (J-20 and J-31) over the next 10-15 years will export the latest generation of fighters.

European countries participate in the program of the South American production of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, so sprayed their resources and design ability. Their contribution to the development of the F-35 is 8 billion euros (10.8 billion U.S. dollars).

«We are at a crossroads, the situation is alarming, we must conduct a tougher policy» encourages the logs. European defense industry is rapidly approaching the point of no return. European countries should create a common vision for the requirements of the latest generation fighter, as was the case with the military transport aircraft A400M. Academy advises start developing technology demonstrators in response to a longstanding request of the producers who want to take their work design bureaus.

It is up to political leaders in Europe. In 1985, the unwillingness to compromise buried the idea of ​​the creation of a single euro fighter governments of leading European states continue to pay a higher price for their inability to unite their efforts. Not many signed export contracts for European fighters, the French Rafale so far has no 1st, while countries intensively buy South American warplanes. The Academy is not lust, that this story was repeated.

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