Wreath memory Andrey Firsov

Leningrad Institute student Andrew Firsov was arrested in 1948 and put on 10 years, accused of involvement in anti-Soviet underground organization. About 7 years he spent in the gulag in Kazakhstan and was later rehabilitated — with the lack of crime.
In Grodno Andrey Firsov moved from Leningrad to adulthood. When to create an organization of victims of political repression, immediately became one of the active participants.
Misha need, Grodno activist "People Hulk", brought together memoirs repressed and former "enemies of the people kids," published a book — entitled "Never again." Misha Need mentions Andrei Firsov:
"A very intelligent man: it was not one bit of Russian chauvinism, arrogance. Usual Petersburg intelligentsia and the Russian people. From the time I came to Belarus, and until his death, he wore on his lapel white-red-white icon. And the official Admission is when invited to college, certainly only with white-red-white icon. All askance at him. Ethe man condole Belarusian national democratic movement, walking on rallies. Wrong and had been sick, but difficulties with the eyes were not allowed to participate than either one hundred percent. "
Andrey Firsov recalled that they several students gathered once to teach ethics, that no underground organization was not. This prosecutor said on private apartment people can gather to drink, snack, do another — illegal.
After the trial KGB attended the meeting in the Institute and said that Firsov classmates did Tipo "Legion of Nazi youth." Andrey Firsov said the camp helped him very last Vitebsk guerrillas Victor Cowards, and generally it has always beenand good relationship with Belarus.
"From the memoirs clear that it could not break, and therefore sent to work underground — says Misha need. — But he was almost blind, because the chief did not send local youth to work underground. That it and bailed. Kept in solitary confinement for a long time. But it is not broke, no one threw, no one has mentioned. For me it’s standard intelligent Russian people. all Russian these were, there would be problems in Belarus. "
For Three years before his death, Andrew Firsov managed to do surgery on the eyes. But the wife died, and he had to return home. They corresponded with Inna Karpyuk widow famous Grodno writer — she was also a party to the organization of victims of political repression as a daughter of "enemy of the people." Inna Karpyuk states that very respected Andrei Firsov:
"He wrote me another letter: I go to Peterhof Pososhkov as legs hurt. A wand that once belonged Karpyuk if Karpyuk died, gave Firsov. And he wrote to me now: I try to go every day for a walk, I take with a wand and all his comrades tell that he Karpyuk belonged. "
In the last day own Andrey Firsov also walked with Pososhkov. On the road became ill, fell. Someone called an ambulance. But the heart of the former Gulag prisoner braked.

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