Wreath memory Galina Voytik

July 1 Galina celebrated its vasmidesyatsigodde. She — a graduate of Vilnius and Vilna Belarusian gymnasium Institute, a specialist in the history of popular German language and teacher of this subject in high school in forty years. About her generous spirit with the sovereign Leon Lutskevich home knows one of the favorites of the Belarusian Youth Movement 80th Sergey Vitushko.
"Galina Goncharova has always beensuch as fragile in manner. To her it was nice to come, it’s nice to feel this years routine, a ritual — with a sofa, armchairs, countless books … It was just nice to go every time to visit her. "
Of these visits, each guest was carrying new knowledge of Belarusian Vilna, who managed to put Galina in books "Portraits of the inhabitants of Vilnius" and "Where I do not have." Although the books are still only handwritten. Well perpetuating the memory of creation — says recognizable Belarusian scientist Arsene Fox — will be publishing rich artistic heritage Galina Voytik.
"For recent years my acquaintance with her with joy opened in ethat peoplee fascinating creator. She wrote a series of portraits of Belarusian residents of Vilnius, the pre-war first. This rather short essays, but fairly accurate: it expressed the essence of the person and its outline. I consider it as such is very harsh award to the memory of its people. Had provided material, almost all of which has been accumulated yet her mother. Enthusiastically read and memories that are called "Where I do not have." Special witness time. These memories, I hope, will be published in book form. "
Until recent days, Galina Voytik was the main editor of the Belarusian cultural and educational transfer in Lithuanian public radio, which was preparing together with 2 of his former student. And for them, remembers Edita Shukevich it was more than the teacher and the teacher:
"It really was a teacher, which the Belarusian Vilnius and led us to improve our knowledge of the literature. Much at all exciting new giving. Her knowledge was just endless. And shared by all."
At the moment, women — says Inna Aleshkevich — together with the bitterness of loss lay duty to preserve created together with Mrs. Galina transfer:
"Voice of Galina Antonovna in the past tense is unreal. I hope I have not lost it. Since she stays with me forever — in my heart, in my mind."
Galina Voytik will be buried on August 16 Litaratskay hill Vilna Dew cemetery beside her husband Leon Lutskevich. She remained Vyacheslav offspring and grandchildren Alexander and Emil.

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