YAK-130 TROOPS FROM LATE In ENGINES. FIRST PARTY trainer aircraft will go on air LATER OF RUSSIA

YAK-130 TROOPS FROM LATE In ENGINES. FIRST PARTY trainer aircraft will go on air LATER OF RUSSIA
Ivan Konovalov. Supply of 15 new trainer aircraft Yak-130 will end in November 2012. This «News» said the former Air Force Commander, head of the department of military aircraft programs of the United Aircraft Company (UAC), Vladimir Mikhailov. When all this first assume that the machine gets to the troops in August.
— Until September 15 enters the first batch of 6 cars until the end of November, all 15 will be delivered — promised Mikhailov «Izvestia».
According to him, the cause of delays in delivery of steel prepyadstviya with the engine identified on one of the machines. Due to incorrect options flying machine not directly, but sideways.
— It was «slipping» on the same plane. The reason was the engine. Sorted and cleaned, — explained the «Izvestia» Mikhailov, refusing to specify details.
Basically flying test center (glycyl) Air Force, where they spent the municipal tests
Yak-1304 cars, «Izvestia» explained that the problem was in the interior of the aircraft electrical. Because of this, several cars stopped the shipment from the factory in Irkutsk Airbase Akhtubinsk.
Previously Senior Vice President of the United Aircraft Company Oleg Demchenko has announced that in August UAC starts depositing customer (Defense Ministry) first Yak-130 in accordance with the agreement signed with the Ministry of Defense in December 2011. But at the end of August a single machine Air Force were submitted.
In addition, the final end of the test and glycyl transfer prototypes and Air Force «Irkut» scheduled only for 2013. In other words, another year will doispytyvat plane. In total, according to the agreement signed in December 2011, the Air Force must get to the end of 2015 55 trainer aircraft
Engines for the Yak-130 performed in the Ukrainian company «Motor Sich», their assembly is done Russian aviation engine-building company «Salute».
Editor in chief of the agency «Airport» explained Oleg Panteleyev «Izvestia» that refinement of the aircraft after the tests — standard worldwide practice.
— Neither plane was not immediately released to the assembly or in the equipment in which it is one hundred percent customer meets the requirements for at least the coming five years. The design with the basic functionality always add these or other units with new abilities to use in combat. It’s okay — said Panteleyev.
Yak-130 — new training and combat aircraft, the first such class machine made in post-Soviet Russia. The machine is designed with Russian OKB Yakovlev and the Italian company Aermacchi. Aircraft equipped with a digital control system encompassing — KSU-130. Allows you to prepare pilots for aircraft as the fourth and fifth generation.

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