Yang Maksimyuk Belarusian people — multilingual and multicultural

Znatkevich: "Ian, what are your best memories from reading the brightest in Brno?"
Maksimyuk: "The strongest memory — that in this heat, above 30 degrees, come any such ardent fans of literature, and even on Saturday, when a person is better to lie in the bath and cool to drink beer there and had accumulated about 15 people came to listen to some essays on the fate of Belarusian Bialystok … It was the most vivid memory. "
Znatkevich: "For you to ask questions of your essay. How do you feel you do not have a post-war actions in the area of Bialystok, about which you wrote, what model of the future for Europe?"
Maksimyuk: "I wrote about the pre-war fate and the fate of my family» and during the First World War … I think my essay was pronounced regional beginning. I love all sorts of regional characteristics regional languages because in Brno asked me questions people who are also trying to maintain its regional Moravian identity.
I think those new countries of Central and Eastern Europe, has recently entered the European Union, just a little concerned about what is happening in this political friendship countries, since they had just freed from Russian totalitarianism, suddenly caught in a democratic Tipo zvyshdyarzhavny organism which is controlled from the center of the 1st. And also people are afraid, they say they that Europe be Europe Fatherland different, and not some "zravnyalavki." Because all the people living in some parts of Europe, fear for their regional identity. "
Znatkevich: "You are attempting to codify it Podlasie, publish dictionary. Also you had read at the meeting about his plan to release a translation into the language of Podlasie 1st Norwegian novel and publish it in Minsk as an artistic provocation. Can you say whether there are any certain plans, dates? "
Maksimyuk: "The plan is, and the more specific dates as if not, since I own a little provocation go further — I should like to take funds from the Norwegians to the publication of this novel in Minsk Podljassk speech that sounds until completely fantastic and me. novel One of this writer, I published in Belarusian in the "Arche", had great reviews. Currently I wish to publish in Minsk under one cover, two novels — one Belarusian, the second on Podlyaska. Both translations are ready, they can give — only needed funds.
There is such a very wealthy Norwegian translators Support Fund "Nurly." I have a formal motion in this direction did not, but I will do soon. As for my project Podljassky general, it moves slowly: I have already written three sections of grammar of the language, began to make the dictionary … "
Znatkevich: "Like you would respond to such a throw that can be hear, say, whiteRussian language currently experiencing is not the best time at all, and if those people who could specifically promote Belarusian literary language, suddenly begin to engage Podlyaska Polessky speeches, it is not going to strengthen the Belarusian literary language … What would you uttered it? "
Maksimyuk: "I would have said that it is impossible to raise the question because of what I see in the last 10-15 years, I realized that the Belarusian people — is multilingual people, I would have said, multicultural. On this terrain intersect different cultural impacts, and, apparently, we will never reach such a situation when the Belarusian literary language reign throughout Belarus. necessary to accept the fact that the Belarusian literature, which will be developed in Minsk and other cities, will be bilingual — be part of the writing in Belarusian part in Russian. By this you will need to get used to it and mentally zaaktseptavats.
In Bialystok situation is that some people says dialects, very similar to the Belarusian literary language, and are prevalent in the Grodno region, but the vast majority of people who enrolled Belarusians in Poland, which is about 70%, they say Podlasie dialects belonging to a wider group Polesian dialects.
I believe that my efforts of the Belarusian initiative in the area of Bialystok, because now we have catastrophically collapsed circulation "Niva" in comparison with the 1960s. By the end of 1960. issued 10 thousand copies of the newspaper, currently published least a thousand. I believe that one of the reasons — the fact that for most of the possible and the real readers "Niva" native language is specifically Podlyaska instead Grodno speech. Because my idea to introduce the language to the rank of a written language, which would have been published in the "Cornfield", a voice on the radio and on TV — I think it would only efforts of the Belarusian. So there is no threat to the Belarusian language. If all this is true I wish to note that not renounce the Belarusian language, in their own translation efforts I will go 2 ways: I will translate and Belarusian, and Podlyaska.
What touched me personally these reading in Brno: in my memory is the first such presentation of Belarusian literature abroad, where luxurious Bialystok branch of Belarusian literature is treated as an integral part of» emnaya Belarusian literature. Organizer of the Belarusian side Sergei Smotrichenko invited a very strong, accurate representation of writers Bialystok — Hope this Artimovich, Polish-Belarusian writer Jerzy Plyutovich will act more Ratsya Luksha and World … 30 writers, Belarusian literature reading in July, inviting 4 principal writers of Bialystok — it touched me. "
Znatkevich "Why 4 and not 5? Himself a writer, you do not think?"
Maksimyuk: "Myself, I do not equate to the writers — if you ask me, I say I’m Belarusian writer, not a writer. I do not know why just do not find translators writers — I think it was a mistake, but let too will as it is. Whoever has not translated, and he wrote a poem, is already considered a writer, such people, I like that nothing, not counting his own essay, not written — no fiction or fable, that no one in Belarus writer thinks not. If I said that I was a Belarusian writer, some would be outraged if started laughing … "

Yang Maksimyuk — leader of the Belarusian culture, paliglet, translator, essayist, political commentator of Radio Liberty. Born in 1958 in the district of Bialystok, between 1998 and lives in Prague. Translates from the Belarusian language in Polish and English, French, Norwegian, Czech (eg, Egon Bonds or Bohumil Hrabal) and the other on Belarus. His translations published in Poland and Belarus. More famous for translation into the "Ulysses" by James Joyce (1993). Also, he made an attempt to codify "own language", in other words, speeches Podlaskie Province. On the "mAh" read the essay "From the nearest layers of oblivion" — a kind of tragic story against the backdrop of historical transformations of the twentieth century (Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

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