Yankovsky: The regime seeks to intimidate Belarusian activists abroad

Alexander Jankowski could not leave Lithuania already the third month. 40 days he spent in custody after, as he was arrested in May on the Polish-Lithuanian border at the request of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies. He was allowed to call his wife in Belgium and Director of the Lithuanian company in which he works.
"This is not the first case of similar cases against Belarusian activists in Belgium"
Earlier, in the past 6 years, Jankowski no trips to Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and never had problems. Recently the last trip to Lithuania, he called his own mother in Belarus — for sure phone was tapped, said Alexander, and it was hastily fabricated to detain and intimidate not only him, and all political and public activists abroad.
"Because, you know, the Belarusian regime makes gangs of all organizations that are against the regime," — said Alexander Jankowski our radio. — "This is not the first case of such a fabricated case against the Belarusian public and political activists in Belgium, maybe in other countries was similar."
Intimidated and relatives in Belarus
Intimidated and relatives of Alexander Jankowski. He said that his wife’s mother, 70-year-old lady who lives in the village of Malaya Berastovka also was a criminal case — they accused her that she Tipo car torched and destroyed the tomb monument in the cemetery. Alexander Jankowski says that the charges were so absurd that it ended.
Meanwhile, Alexander Jankowski after detention in Lithuania appealed to the immigration department of the country asking for political asylum.
Jankowski: "Since I have a fixed residence permit in Belgium, the first request for political asylum was prepared in Belgium, Lithuania Migration Department concluded that Belgium should consider my case. Decided to send me to Belgium. But anyway, I should expect that the tribunal will decide. "
Lithuanian Tribunal adjourned the case until the answer comes from Belgium
Vilnius Regional Tribunal yesterday postponed a decision on extradition case Alexander Jankowski indefinitely until the answer comes from Belgium concerning the case of political asylum.
Jankowski: "The prosecutor told me that he will seek possible faster to make inquiries in Belgium, — I do not know what else is needed requests, because they have all my documents — permit for a fixed residence in Belgium, passport, all the documents. And I said that my case about palitychynym shelter in Belgium stopped because, as we uttered in the police — not the need, you have a residence permit for a fixed, for you have nothing to worry about his own fate in a democratic country. "
Alexander Jankowski says that appreciate the Lithuanian government and law enforcement agencies for being treated with the knowledge to his situation and gave it outright in Belarus. With the realization reacted to his dilemmas and Lithuanian company where he works.
In Belgium Alexander Jankowski expects his wife and two kids malehankih, and he hopes that the delay in Lithuania stretched indefinitely.
Lithuania: the case for the extradition of fugitive Belarus postponed, 24.07.2007

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