Youth activists are moving in Grodno

Lukashenka, soligortsy, together with zhodintsy Hrodna activists will hold rallies protest destruction of historic buildings Grodno.
• To profitably destruction Grodno?, 22.06.2007 • Grodno historians suggest not to destroy, but to build, 21.06.2007 • picketed in Grodno in the coming weekend is not allowed, 20.06.2007 • Grodno memorable symbol in place of the destroyed house stood a few hours, 15.06.2007 • Grodno passed artistic actions in defense of an old town, 11.06.2007 • Protesters "Protecting Grodno together" detained before it started, 04.06.2007 • Appeal against the destruction of an old Grodno signed 789, 29.05.2007 • Grodno: how to stop the destruction of a historical building?, 27.05.2007 • Grodno destroy the castle of the XIX century, 25.05. 2007

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