Zvyanyachy: Late revive if the patient is already dead

To the point where the inhabitants Zvyanyach that Tolochinschine, decided to turn to the "Freedom" to tell everything without leaving any residue, prior to my arrival here already four correspondents visited Minsk official newspapers.
Two of them managed to print rather short stories, others write about the local situation forbade, as addressed directly interests control the vertical.
Zvyanyach native, folk artist of Belarus, Lukashenko also devoted follower Mike Sawicki, they say, even to make an appointment to the head of the country.
In general, according to the village elder, teacher, Ms. Kovalev, in any case, all too late. Then came the day at the local school closing, and now Elena Vladimirovna can not remember without tears.
Kovalev: "We do not rule was, as a day of remembrance. Babes lamented. Was scary when the furniture taken out of school, and we stood. Parazlomvali All-paraskryshvali. Weirdly — so your job … I do not like human beings it! It a public frenzy. Currently begin to count on what to save, but not on human lives.
No employment — that could offer does not suit anyone. People are very resentful, 20 — 20 5 years to work, stay in nothing. When coming correspondents wanted to say — too late to revive the corpse … "
Earlier, there were appeals to various authorities, under which stood 60 signatures — virtually the entire adult population of the village, where about 2-hundred inhabitants.
Local school defended, in which the seven decades of existence weaned almost everything together with said artist Savitsky. By the way, there was a museum in his name. The decision to close without a public discussion with the phrase "retrenchment" took in Tolochin executive committee.
Incidentally, his manager Mareyka never looked into Zvyanyachy. Although, according to the official position, the authorities should react at the time when a collective appeal and two 10-ka signatures.
On the former schoolyard meet with a graduate in 1953, a tractor, a member of the Party of Communists Belarusian Alexei Kazarevicham. He has his own version of what happened:
Kazarevich: "Here in the center agrotown Zvyanyachah must build and Mareyka all hogging. And school and want to close the clinic — collected 500 signatures, not to shut down. Just all closed down, and more economical means of preservation. And where they go, no do not know. "
But exactly clear afterdstviya illumine since this will affect the destiny of 43 students who have to travel to adjacent Kohanovo, but 13-year teachers.
Reads all the same Mrs. Kovalev
Kovalev: "We are all subjects were taught in Belarusian. Kids will go to Russian school. While the eighth-ninth grades — do this. And for the year to switch to another language, especially in arithmetic — mental crash.
In-2, at the school in the fourth grade learned something along the profile, and we did not learn anything more in depth, and they go to class deselected. And the kids were in sight.
It’s no secret in the village at the moment alcoholism awful. Knew every child ate, how it is collected in the school — and bring your things. What mom can cook when lying? And we always burning food. And if that happened, the alarm started to peel. Collective farm can exist when the school garden is not? Do young people go to work here? The village will die, although close and steel road and motorway Moscow — Minsk, there can be seen outside the village. "
Found, but the former director of the Palace of Culture Barkovskii Galina, which is perhaps the only Zvyanyachah sees in closing schools something positive. Incidentally, a similar judgment about the young people in their own travel time met more than once.
Barkovskaya: "And what Kohanovo paadpravlyali kids, maybe it’s better. We had a kindergarten, and there they have a place in your computer and play. Overstrained School. A youth fled the city before. And young people themselves unwilling to work, as I looked. I will not go there, here … because it works, and such wages. "
Kurak sighs: "Oh …"
And this is perhaps the last public corporate chime bells that there proud. It was made in the XVIII century factory Klyuvikava. 20 seven years it has raised the rulers Zvyanyatskay school director Alexander Kurak. Hearing about our conversation with Barkovskaya sharply made objection:
Kurak: "From my own experience I know that the boys and girls in the house are working here with usenkih year, but on his farm. Grown, and there are so many temptations. And they want to live decently, and therefore run out! They do not lazy! "
Over the last five years, none of the graduate did not go to his native village. Speaking at this moment joined Nikolai Petrushenka, BCP Central Committee member and one of the managers of the newspaper "Comrade", who accompanied me during my stay. He ran for the district council in the last election from the local neighborhood Volasavskay. He also donated to the "Freedom" appeal villagers.
Petrushenka: "After two this yearof SPK "Zvyanyachy" will not — it is combined with "Kalinove logs." In other words, will clean vehicles, farm, will not be the owner’s eyes. And then again the same top put the landlord owner! Power saves money, not realizing that it cuts at the root, on what it is — a living that is still widespread in the country! "
Nikolai and said about the last point, which will be staged in the school’s history.
Petrushenka: "If we open the local newspaper" Our Talachynshchyna ", there is a summary of how is firewood for the winter. 40 cubic meters of firewood — after dismantling the abandoned village houses. We hear in brief and how many cubic meters of wood exported from here …"
With the Chairman of the SEC "Zvyanyachy" Nicholas Narchuk only managed to talk a minute to plyanerki. One person had a gloomy and preoccupied.
Narchuk "problems more What is necessary. If possible, meet a bit later — after 20 minutes. "
Nikolai Nikolaevich I have not met and a half hours. He ran away from me, as well as from the villagers that pulled up to the workshop. They fourth day did not give salary that housework is less than 200 thousand.
Tractor Alexander Baranovsky seventeen times a day pits yes potholes carries on a farm fifteen barrels of water. But states that more psychologically not stand here — seriously taken ill spouse.
Baranowski: "And people in SPK razbyagayutsa. And I leave here, daughter finish school. Winter get 75 thousand, seven days a week working — out" Kirovec. "Decent house — 122 square meters, but not selling, service …"
SPK "Zvyanyachy," according to a summary Tolochinsky district occupies the last place in the fodder and delivery of milk. Decline began more than a decade back.
Then one of the former presidents scored credits for construction of 4 houses for young families. But because of personnel searches (replaced four control) they plugged the hole in the economy.
When it came time to return the bank millions, pennies, who received for the delivery of milk, not enough. Bred million of debt. Those are not brought to the brain just collapsed houses. In addition, outdated equipment.
At the moment we are already moving eleven "presidential" houses. To populate them from farms need to not funny enough. Although the situation really shows the level of its decline.
Again says Nicholas Petrushenka:
Petrushenka: "Estimates of these cabins — 90 million rubles each. Were built with loans SEC. A delay at the moment only in order to sign a protocol to connect to the gas lines — they were built at the cost of slum settlements. SPK" Zvyanyachy "must pay for each house 50 thousand. But such funds in the economy do not. "
And hard living and the dead bury humanly impossible. This is my cousin says Misha Savitsky, 67-year-old Galina Savitskaya. She worked until retirement in the department of social protection executive committee. Considered a local human rights defenders. Savitsky: "I appealed to the chairman of soviet Chachotkinay in foster president. Impossible to the gravecould drive. There are holes that if we carry pakoynika coffin prakidaetstsa. And currently poor.
Chachotkina came to me — what is it? That’s my neighbor, 77-year-old woman Scherbo cow kept for seven years. She planted outside the fence. Harvester mowed close — she asks, and she mowed. No! I Chachotkinay to — "Let reap and bring itself up, come to the combine." Poor and it did. And what do you think? Burned! A cow subsided.
Herd currently 20 cattle, and was over 50. And then — everywhere 500-600 rubles per liter, and three hundred here and now, and he says, and he — I’ll take … "
Nicholas Petrushenka leads to skewed home with ragged charred electronic wire and a shed without a roof. As we approached, the door was locked. But the fact that the interviewee saw in winter, during the campaign, struck so far.
Petrushenka: "He looked at the shed — smoke Stopped — mom lives here with her son. Glasses not, no gender, no roof over their heads. And no one is worried about the fate these people. Easier to say they drink. And life itself and you’d washed down, man!
40 years 100 reverse Engelgart doctor, Colonel of the royal army, and was evicted on the Dnieper near here lived. So it’s aunt said: sapessya Mikola. And he — no!
"Twelve letters from the village" it known. And in each — "not spivsya", "not spivsya." And in the ninth wrote: "Spivsya, brothers, because officials fear tired!" Hitherto all around the states of incident that took place on the farm. Investigation on him and was not completed. Intoxicated milking not watered so not milked a herd of two hundred cattle.
Petrushenka: "Train knocked 20 per cow. For a couple of minutes before the arrival of the" Slavonic Express ", which gives 160 km per hour. Eleventh night, and the cattle went to find water on the tracks — and left the world …"
Departed to train with offensive humor. Suddenly, amid the surrounding mess saw neatly painted hut that all drowned in the garden and fruit trees. Failed not to go to 72-year-old former teacher and whiteRussian language Sophia D. Klyuvikavay.
Fate nyalitasna treated her — once from inadvertently knocked ax handle for a left eye.
Many years growing pharmaceutical drugs. Indicates to me unique to the Belarusian natural criterion fool South American, Japanese tea, walnuts, dushanitsu that is best cure gum plantation valerian. Herbs 10s titles. And in the end, Mrs. Sophia shares the secret of his own current optimism:
Klyuvikava: "I do not wish to grow old. I always with the children lived. And they do not give age — I worked so. Farm, of course, ruined, pilfered, stolen. Die — and the village will live. Indeed, in the village there is a soul. "

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