1/10 of the gross domestic product of Belarus sformirovyvaetsya entrepreneurs

Belarus has recorded nearly 180 thousand individual entrepreneurs. According to the International Finance Corporation adviser on legal matters Valery Fadeev, in the gross domestic product of their contribution is estimated at 8.5%:
"But in some regions, the highest percentage more. Well, just at the moment the government has set the puzzle to bring in some places up to 25% of their contribution to the gross proceeds. So, we can definitely state that a lot. If it read on so called the small business. And if you read about entrepreneurship in general, the highest number over there. "
"Nitty fleas" and their prospects
Attitude towards business has its own first presidency outlined Alexander Lukashenko. Perhaps, we all remember his neologism in determining business representatives — "lousy fleas." For subordinates expression on long years has become a specific annotation to action. Entrepreneurs suffer from unnecessary inspections, unreasonably large fines and confiscations.
Under this pressure, according to professionals, about two thousand individual entrepreneurs each year turn off the activity.
Wait for entrepreneurs liberalization?
But not all leaders of entrepreneurial organizations behold the business prospects faded. Vice-chairman Union business Misha Shavelzon not believe the forecasts, which predict a gradual zatuhanne business activity in Belarus:
"I do not share the belief that it will happen. Contrast, at the moment there is a question about lowering the taxes on it by order of the president runs the special commission is preparing a decree on the removal of administrative barriers. And the question of lowering the tax burden."
Future of Kobyakova
The project of the government decree "On measures to simplify administrative procedures for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs" abandoned the working group headed by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov. Before October 1, should be systematically offer to simplify the administrative procedures in relation to business.
But the entrepreneurs themselves whip liberalization not count. One of the activists of the initiative for the creation of the "For Free Development of Enterprise" Ilya Dobrotvor convinced to debate new legislation must be attached themselves entrepreneurs who live and under the new laws. And this does not occur:
"We have to go to the authorities by the businessman. To the people who make the laws, and beheld know for whom they are taking these laws. But at the moment while situation is such that we do not hear and do not even want to listen. And on those forums which invite Tipo, doing nothing in general. After all, it conversation with the deaf. "
Whose side is the tax?
Ilya Dobrotvor said: most municipal officials really understands illogicality legislation whereby do not help people survive, but rather make insurmountable obstacles:
"In fairness, awareness of the situation with the tax authorities there. But the fact, they alone for yourself do not decide anything, they all "drained" from the top. In the lobby they laugh about it decrees and almost everything we understand. But nothing without the help of others can not do. "
Followers entrepreneurial movement state that people who are engaged in business, are increasingly "rent nerves." Proof of this — spontaneous actions against Minsk businessman full scans and unreasonable, out of their sight, the facts of confiscation for the most minor violations.
Entrepreneurs Zhdanovichi market finished, 21.08.2007
"The product may be confiscated for any violations", 20.08.2007

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