2 Belarusians in Russia received 14 years for a legitimate bullpen in Belarus Lek

Farmakalegii legislation in Russia is more stringent than in some European countries. This is evidenced by articles recognizable doctors and scientists in specialized publications. For example, in the bulletin "Drug Gazette" № 8 (March 2006) posted an article "In Russia, the level of control is higher than in Europe."
But this does not contradict international pravilam.U Article 39 of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs has a slip that "governments can use more stringent measures and threatening legal control over drug trafficking. So, International Convention on Psychotropic substances allows the introduction of a series of amphetamine, but according to Russian permit the introduction of legislation for pharmaceutical purposes has only half of the other prohibited.
L.Revtskaya: "Our list contains fully all that is in international conventions"
Head of drug inspection and pharmaceutical organizations provide the Ministry of Health of Belarus Lyudmila Reutskaya assured that the list of pharmaceuticals sold in the Belarusian pharmacies, absolutely agreed with 3 international conventions to which the Belarus — Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, the Convention on Psychotropic Substances and Pharmacopoeia of the Council of Europe:
"Our list contains fully all that is in these conventions. Besides, in our list have additional materials that we include representation there on security forces. Destinations include substances that seriously abused, for example, klyafelin which is not psychoactive agent, but is under special control specifically because significant abuse. And a number of others. "
For example, not so long ago that included an additional list to the same seed poppy, poppy straw — because of abuse, use of narcotic purposes.
Minister asks release "Tussal" strictly on prescription
As for the Polish product "Tussal" it and now sold in pharmacies Minsk. Is cheap — 3610 rubles. It is not prohibited, but must be sold strictly on prescription, head of the Ministry of Health says Lyudmila Reutskaya:
"The product is a prescription, it comes in the list of" prescription. "Like drugs. But, unfortunately, and I am obliged to say — our doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals names on paper. Culture vypisvannya We recipes lost one hundred percent. We have severe intention with this fight, and fight aggressively. And at the moment this preparation went separate requirement in connection with the case in the Russian Federation to ensure its implementation strictly by prescription. "
Now the Minister of Health of Belarus Vasily Warmly sent telegrams to all pharmacies demanding release "Tussal" strictly by prescription only.
The annotation on the use of "Tussal" and written about adverse actions acting on the psychophysical capabilities (even psychosis), and the effects of an overdose — in including visual and auditory hallucinations.
"If you have the tiniest suspicion of abuse, we also made it to the list"
Side effects are almost all pharmaceuticals, says pediatrician Anna Osmolovskaya:
‘The more values himself a manufacturer, the more it shows adverse effects. Even if there is one in one million, its manufacturer will indicate if respects herself. This does not mean that the effect is bound to emerge. This indicates that the product was studied’.
Anna Osmolovskaya pediatrician says that pills "Tussal" and medicine "Tusin" quite popular in Belarus, their prescribed even small children:
"If it mattersetsya according to the testimony, if n» etsya in respective dose, respectively weight, diagnosis, age, the possibility of adverse effects is small. "
At the request of the Ministry of Health Ministry of Internal Affairs is considering further about abuse pharmaceutical products "Tussal" said Lyudmila Reutskaya:
"If you have the tiniest suspicion of abuse, we also made it to the list, take under special control. Though International Pharmacopoeia Committee studied this question, and to this day it is not in the list included. There, in the Convention is such a special star and says "dekstrametarfan — izamer are specifically excluded from this list." Even there is such a footnote. "
Regarding the option with the Belarusians convicted in Russia, Lyudmila Reutskaya expressed worldview that there could play a huge role specifically financial component — not one same package Tussal sold guys, and more than a thousand pills …

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