4 Polish spies planted. What is the fifth?

According to investigators, Sergei Yurenya coupled with 4 Belarusian army officers transferred foreign intelligence information on strategic targets united air defense system of Belarus and Russia.
Press secretary of the Capital District Military Court Minchanovski Alexander said:
"Sergei Yurenya — soldier of the 1st of military units of the Metropolitan Area of the military, Major. Article in its 275-thou, municipal treason and espionage. Cooperation in favor of one of the Eastern European States. Well I can tell, it’s Poland. "
Spy threatens imprisonment from 12 to 20 years.
No details about the case for the Metropolitan military court said. Allegedly, the Tribunal had not yet caused. But, according to an article spy threatens imprisonment from 12 to 20 years.
Alexander Minchanovski explained:
"But there are such cases are, when the Tribunal is able to assign punishment less than lower bound — in other words, the least 12 years. "
Sergei Yurenya come with repentance in the Russian Federal Security Service, and told about his collaboration with Polish intelligence. This may mitigate the sentence.
Sergei Yurenya passed witnessed in the case of 4 "Polish spies" from Belarus. They have already been convicted by the Military Collegium Supreme Court.
"While these witnesses, I mean Belarusians, we have not questioned."
Vladimir Russkina officers, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk tribunal punished by imprisonment. PETKEVICH Kornilyuk and given 7 years each, Bogdan — 9, and Ruskin — 10 years strict regime penal colony.
As told Department of the Belarusian execution of punishments until convicted of documents on the Supreme Court did not.
Will Belarusian "Polish spies" passes witnesses in their Russian counterparts?
Minchanovski Alexander said:
"If the tribunal decides their cause, their cause. While these witnesses, I mean Belarusians, we have not questioned."
Lawyer spy Russians Alexander Yudin said:
"All of them. I any comments, any questions, sorry, did not respond to have the right to . "
According to Russian media reports, Sergei Yurenya admitted that intensively collaborated with Belarusian officers in 2005 —2006x, but was disappointed with the real award for espionage. Because he decided to surrender. Sergei Yurenya absolutely admitted his guilt and repented.

Organizer espionage recognized Belarusian military Russkina. Few years ago, he was detained at the border with contraband alcohol. Staff of the Polish intelligence officer Tipo offered cooperation.
For delivery of materials hidden inside the warehouse did vognetushylnika cars. The court’s decision this vognetushylnik confiscated in favor of the country.
Russkina and Bogdan arrested Jan. 5 and Petkevicha and Kornilyuk — January 31. Recall that the KGB said of the detention "Polish spies" only in July, shortly before the resignation of the chairman of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko.

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