A.Klimov first of prisoners sentenced to a severe regime

Prior to the current a day or was not exactly clear how the process took place over Andrei Klimov — it was closed or open, and to which the regime for sentenced policy.
September 10 Lawyer Valentines Flyer told me that the trial of Andrei Klimov was closed. On the question of the mode of detention she said that it "does not remember", and then refused to talk, citing an agreement with his wife Tatyana Klimova Leonovich.
"We agreed that journalists will contact it," — said the lawyer. But Tatiana Leonovich second week does not answer calls.
Later on Playback content Klimov has been refined in the Central district court of Minsk. They said that last deputy sentenced to two years serious mode. For more information, refused to say.
Serious mode given recidivists who had previously done severe crime
What do you mean serious mode content? Previous Lawyer Igor Rynkevich explained that this regime — the third stiffness of 4 available in Belarus. Compared with aggravated prisoner allowed one year less one gear on one date, and can be had spent less money in the prison shop.
But the thing that is given serious mode recidivists who had previously made a severe crime.
Respectively — more stringent security and more than a tough attitude as a prisoner by the administration, and in the midst of prisoners, says Igor Rinkevich. He noted that Andrei Klimov first Belarusian oppositionist punished serious mode confinement.
Andrei Klimov, began his career as an employee of the fire department, which then came under the Ministry of Interior. How this may impact on the criteria of his imprisonment in a colony serious mode?
"Voice of any aggressive things I can not, because they do not know exactly about the informal affairs in certain colonies which there subculture. Partly, of course, worse than prisoners are former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
But I hope for another — that of Andrei Klimov will know that he is a political prisoner, and this will outweigh its status of what he once was, "- says Igor Rinkevich.
Lawyers filed a complaint to the tribunal, UCP prepares measures to support Klimova
Andrei Klimov verdict is not yet in a legitimate force. Privacy Klimova filed a complaint, and at the moment is to familiarize with the protocol process, told me in the Minsk city court. Days of the appeal hearing has not yet resulted.
In the United civilian party, whose member Andrei Klimov, pronounced that the measures in support of Andrei Klimov prepared, but they need to harmonize policies with relatives. Meanwhile, until contact with them fails.
According to reports, Andrei Klimov accused of distributing calls to overthrow the government. It was reported that these calls were Tipo article Andrei Klimov, located on the website www.ucpb.org, which contains official information of the Joint civilian party. Currently Andrei Klimov article from the web site removed. In UCP they say that have never driven this website.
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