A.Pashkevich: Stories of BNR not enough love

RSAlexander, or do not feel sorry for you that you fell to be the arbiter of the contest and so Makarov can not participate in it myself?
Paszkiewicz: In fact, the first idea I had such a wicked deed came first …
RS: How do you feel about this genre — another story utopia dystopii, geteratopii? You’ve written a couple of books istarychna documentary character. And where must unleash the imagination — like it to be a surprise? — How you carries such literature?
Paszkiewicz: That’s the plan literature — in the public context, it fits him. Essentially form the Belarusian People’s Republic of Belarusian writers invented — Lastouski, Lutskevich, Midsummer … At this point, after 90 years, in fact, have a chance to make the content and the Belarusian People’s Republic, the literary content. So Makar, 90 years after the form and content — in literature — can supastsi.
RS: What are the aspects you will approach the competitive texts?
Paszkiewicz: In addition to artistic design, artistic as I would like to create a deep and penetrating vision — even in this genre — essentially Belarusian country. Inspired writer can not recreate without beletryzavats what would happen, and, in fact, be the creator of the foundations of the Belarusian statehood. And quite unique and novel phenomenon — creating books about the state, which could be, about the government, which wanted to weave Belarusian painters, writers — and that in the end it may vrechaisnitstsa in artistic texts.
RS: And when did you first hear about the Belarusian People’s Republic?
Paszkiewicz: Unfortunately, at the village school of the Belarusian People’s Republic, I have not heard. Vyznat about her freshman Belarusian Municipal Institute. It was 1989 — the beginning of the Renaissance, the most, a new round of enthusiasm, first youth, his past, state history.
RS: First, you have said that they themselves think about the probability of participation in this contest — what would you write?
Paszkiewicz: If I had to write about the Belarusian People’s Republic, I would want her light akaymovvala love story of heroes, love, happy — just under the white-red-white flags. And if you look at the historical formation of the Belarusian People’s Republic — that’s just a happy union of love in their own stories, in their own country is not enough. That would not be "Alpine Ballad", it would be a "Minsk ballad", but with a happy ending.

Looking forward to your dreams free product genre — novel, short story, a historical monograph, notes travelers footage, diary, reporting — without restrictions, in Belarusian.
Work in electrical format, send to the address svaboda@rferl.org until 15 December 2007.
The best works will be performed in the air and will be placed in the publishing series "Library of Liberty. XXI Century ".

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