A priest from Cogoleto: I was pretty to look into the eyes of Vicky

Rector of the church in Cogoleto Kamila Gryle Canon and the monastery of Saint-AEN in the Alpine region of Valais dAosta Francis Darbele do not consider themselves guilty. With all this, they recognize that knowingly helped devchenke Belarusian and Italian family.
Vatican officials are outraged:
"God, they are judged! This process and looks like a terrible fight against the church. "
According to Vatican priest, "in the democratic world the church has always been a home to those who needed him, and between law and Gospel chose the gospel."
Meanwhile, provide some media, both priests, while in the dock of the Genoa court, trying to quietly and without emotion to answer the toughest questions of Italian justice.
"I was pretty to look into the eyes of the girls. I beheld the same cry for help, which meet in the sight of the most unfortunate beggars. I realized that I would help her and the family Giusto-Bornachin"- Said at the hearing don Kamila Gryle.
"I imagined for myself than may be for girls to return home — adds the priest. — I read about it with the bishop of Savona. I was offered to assure the family so that she returned the girl. But between the authorities, the church, the court and the child, I deliberately took the side of small. I beheld a small sacrifice, underwent terrible violence and trauma. I was not going to throw a challenge to the state and the church. But I felt that I could not be a passive eyewitness, I must somehow intervene and someway assist family-Bornachin Giusto ".

We gathered at our house, and I asked where I could hide girlfriend until the Italian justice not decide in favor of the baby

"Yes, we asked for such help to don Gryle — confirmed Alessandro Giusto. — We are gathered here at home, and I asked where could girlfriend would hide until the Italian justice can not decide in favor of the baby. "
According to the testimony of expert psychologists, who were also invited to the hearing, "Vick was formally hide the wrong move, but it was way out in a situation that sought to rescue the child’s personality."
"Do not do these acts of stress for the girls?" — Asked the referee. Psychologists responded negatively: the girl was with grandmothers who cared her. Moreover, the prospect of Wiki prepyadstviya solutions. Deprived of this home and caused real stress.

Belarusian girlfriend previously sacrificed shaped as letters of the law

In the process of meeting spouses Giusto-Bornachin hoped to get girlfriend forever. But their struggle for being together with Vika, as before meets backlash.
As representatives of the Italian political elite point over "and" could put the testimony itself Vicky Frost. But the Belarusian authorities do not consciously go for it. Sen. Egidio Pedrini:

"Belarusian girlfriend previously sacrificed shaped as letters of the law — says the emperor Pedrini. — At the moment here again use different procedural tricks to keep her fears to tell about life in orphanages, about brainwashing, with whom she ran, returning home to prevent a meeting with those she calls her mother and father — the family ‘s Giusto-Bornachin "

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