A. Shumchanka: businessmen had a nervous breakdown

As said head of business association "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka now shops on the 3rd floor of the "Fashion World" resumed work. The few 10’s of business threats were heard in the following Sunday’s incident again lead trade. This main result of yesterday’s talks with representatives of the Ministry of business taxes and fees.
Shumchanka elaborates:
"Maratoryyum imposed on checking these businessmen. Questions about costly commodity will be solved recently. They have uttered: if you are not come to us, at least we did not touch Zhdanovich long, but had a great desire to bring back a massive check."
Prerequisite incident was an attempt to describe the product of a tax of entrepreneurs, who works at the center of "The World of Fashion." She did not have appropriate documentation for the product, and, besides, is suspected of underreporting profits. This isolated incident shook the other traders, and they went on a spontaneous rally. But in fact it was not an attempt of the authorities to take action against business in general — Advisor to the Minister explains taxes and fees Alexander Zhigulich:
"We asked them directly on this situation: Neuzh do not have these documents? They replied: Well, you — these documents must be, we all have them. Well, then what is the problem, why not trade? Well, that’s all. The incident is over. "
The matter will be considered businesswoman tribunal. Rest traders tax authorities promised to arrange seminars. So makarom, speech about the strike on Zhdanovichy no — says Anatoly Shumchanka:
"It was a total nervous breakdown businessmen among those events that occur in the country, with confiscation of the products according to hygienic certificates and everything else. People naturally looked that try to confiscate the products, and this threat could spread to them. Naturally, they defended his own. "
Meanwhile, September 1 in several Belarusian cities designed businessmen strike against accidental seizures. The idea of protest support many small businessmen from Slutsk Svetlogorsk Saligorsk and Borisov.
Entrepreneurs Zhdanovichi market finished, 21.08.2007 • Examination of "Liberty": "Product may be confiscated for any violations", 20.08.2007

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