Activist Sergei Klyuyeva arrested for 10 days

Youth activist Police arrested Sept. 14 about the structure of the Philharmonic. Policemen have found Sergei Klyuyeva stickers with information about the "European march" and made him protocol.
Process in Russian court, which on September 17, Sergei Klyuyeva brought the highest temperature. Activist asked to call an ambulance, but the police refused.
Press secretary of the Joint civilian party Ekaterina Tkachenko said that the court police also refused to take warm clothes for Sergei Klyuyev:
"They refused to take him to the water and a sleeping bag, although Klyuyeva temperature 37.7 is a perception that he was sick sinusitis."
Deputy Head of Russian Vladimir rayotdela Satsiuk said Sergei Klyuyev will serve his sentence in a prison in Akrestin Street, and recommended to take transfer there.

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