Airbase WEST «Khotilovo» on combat duty pair of upgraded MiG-31BM

Airbase WEST
TSAMTO November 7. Western military airbase neighborhood «Khotilovo» (Tver region.) On alert air defense intercede couple modernized interceptor MiG-31BM, AviaPort.Ru reports quoting the press release WEST.

Interceptors will be involved in the planned flight aviation group «Khotilovo» and combat duty air defense air borders of Russian Federation.
Until the end of this year at the air base also will be a modern training facility UGC-31BM created for training of young pilots on this type of aircraft. Simulator completely simulates the cockpit and control system of the upgraded fighter and allows pilots to work on the ground takeoff, landing, maneuvering in the air, the use of aircraft weapons at air targets, and work procedures in all emergency situations that may arise during the actual flight.

MiG-31BM — a modern version of a supersonic fighter-interceptor distant radius acts. The aircraft is designed for the detection and destruction of air targets at maximum small, small, medium and enormous heights, at any time of day and in all weather criteria. On the MiG-31BM installed brand new weapon control system and radar, allowing to detect targets at ranges of up to 320 km and hit them at a distance of 280 km. MiG-31BM able to accompany up to 10 air targets, also hit 6 targets at once.
In the spring of 2013 a couple interceptor MiG-31BM intercede on alert at the airport «Monchegorsk» in the Murmansk region, quotes AviaPort.Ru press release WEST.

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