Aleksey Lukashevich: At first festival like best to select the most

Bushlyakov "Why Belarusian rock festival in Lutsk specifically why specifically chose this city?"
Lukashevich: "In 1-x, we thought to hold the festival in Ukraine and found a place near the border with Belarus, where the authorities would meet us … And specifically Lutsk became the place where the authoritiesdid everything probable for us. "
"The idea of the festival in Ukraine belongs to Vitaly Supranovich"
Bushlyakov: "It’s difficult to organize a festival in Ukraine, Belarus?"
Lukashevich: "Naturally hard, you know, a foreign country, where just authorities allowed, and must all find an agreement … But we tried."
Bushlyakov: "In the midst of the festival organizers — whether Ukrainians, or is it purely Belarusian initiative?"
Lukashevich: "It was an initiative of Belarus, the idea of the festival in Ukraine belongs to Vitaly Supranovich, head of BMA, and at the stage of its development has joined the initiative" Studformat ", and later — the European Radio Belarus. The Ukrainian side have help from local authorities, we collaborated on some step with "the State Alliance."
"The aim of the festival — the opportunity to speak to groups that are banned in Belarus"
Bushlyakov: "It seems that you have designated tasks of the festival" The right to be free "?"
Lukashevich: "The idea of the festival — the opportunity to speak to groups that are banned in Belarus, to give them the right to express their creativity and realize it, and Belarusian students — to hear their own beloved groups and implement the right to listen to what they want."
Bushlyakov: "In what aspects did you choose the participants of the festival?"
Lukashevich: "At the first festival to select the most desirable of the best representatives of the Belarusian rock scene."
Bushlyakov "There Festival" Basowiszcza ", which takes place every summer … "The right to be free" — a one-off project or you have the intention to make the next general, the yearly festival of Belarusian rock music outside Belarus? "
"There is the idea to hold the festival every year in a new location near the border with Belarus"
Lukashevich: "Festival" The right to be free "and thought how yearly, and now at the stage of preparation of the first festival we made sure it must continue to hold this festival in Ukraine. "
Bushlyakov: "Every year — in Lutsk?"
Lukashevich: "There are several thoughts. One of them — particularly so, but can not in the Lutsk, and not far from it. Lutsk It’s best to get through Brest, Brest trains go to Kovel and Kovel go to Lutsk bus every 10 minutes — this is the most common and cheapest way.
Second thought — travel on the territory of Ukraine, near the border with Belarus, and to hold the festival every year in a new place. "
Bushlyakov "How looked the other day festival marketing action?"
Lukashevich: "More than a week was advertising on local radio, posters hung in parallel and closely spaced in Lutsk campuses — continuous, Lviv, Kovel. We distributed flyers to local youth from the institute, they were that heard about the festival … There is an official website of the festival ,, also a page in the magazine Live Festival information supported "A dozen hits" website and European Radio Belarus . "

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