Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanusheuski again in the temporary detention

Now, during the trial, which began in the half 5th evening, Alex Januszewski and Ales Pushkin asked lawyers. Besides, Ales Pushkin claimed that the Court held in Belarusian and announced that he would hunger strike until his demands are not met.
The Tribunal decided to meet their demands. In considering cases Alexei Yanushevski and Ales Pushkin adjourned until tomorrow morning.
For the second night in a row must held in temporary detention. They even arranged there on September 9, after being detained for bard festival "Orsha Battle-2007", which, despite the ban policemen held last weekend.
Orsha trial detainees in the bard festival, 10.09.2007
Orsha: detainees threatened with criminal cases, 9.09.2007

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