Ales Storozheva Poetry — an integral part of life tehnakratnaga

Ales Storozheva — radical Minsker in the 3rd generation. Born in 1948 in a large family, where he wasabout five kids. Was obliged to go to work early, even 16 years. After the end of the evening school entered the Belorussian Polytechnic Institute (BPI). Worked at MAZ, played football for the team "Torpedo". After defected to work at BPI, defended his thesis, PhD. Since the beginning 2007 works in the Institute of Applied Physics problems BSU. Has a family. Wife of doctor, already adult offspring and daughter, two granddaughters. About weave scientific publications and inventions. But the literary field first book of poetry was published in 2002. Debut called "From the roots to the crown."
Later came the book, dedicated to Minsk, under the title "My Happiness". After the world saw the book "Distant Relatives". Not so long ago, in collaboration with the monks and the famous poet Nikolai Znicha published book "Zhirovichi stones." Currently preparing to publish another work "Path to Zhirovitsy."
"Faith — is the gift of God"
Roots: "The Emperor Alexander, you have very apparent bias towards spiritual poetry, spiritual poetry. Why is that?"
Storozheva: "Faith — a gift from God. My grandfather was a very pious man, and specifically with this, maybe survived all lihaletstsi — and revolution, and war. With faith in God, with prayer, he passed all his life. Such was my mom, so in general at the moment my family. Particularly seriously affected my life encounter with the monks Nicholas 10 years ago Zhirovichi when I first arrived there again.
Here is a spiritual education, is communication, communication bore fruit. Nicholas once said to me: Alexander, get me an interview. Later, these thoughts went to the paper came first publication in the journal "verb" is the book "Zhirovichi stones." The result of that interview — the book "The Way to Zhirovitsy." So that the Lord gives to our efforts, our business, our faith. "
Roots: "The Emperor Storozheva you as a scientist specifically occupies the highest technology. As for you seems to be: in an age millennium new technologies still need poetry? Does the audience with creative people in general?"
Storozheva: "Poetry — a general stock of the human brain. People should express their thoughts and feelings directly, of course. Not without reason is considered the most poetry of the highest kind — it is poetry and poetry is clear harmonic. I believe that in this age of poetry — a reflection of the need to stay in the current location of every human life. So, I believe that poetry — is in a sense kamerton human soul, an integral part of this life … tehnakratnaga "
With Anatoly Storozheva — Neighbors and "relatives" in poetry
Roots: "Each of childhood with the surname Klyshko appear certain associations. First, it’s part of the ABC Anatoly Storozheva. You are with him in a similar relationship? "
Storozheva: "With Anatoly Konstantinovich introduced us Gennady Buraukin times 10 years ago. Was very pleasant meeting, and we began to find our roots. It turned out that the origin is really from one place, but not direct ties, we have found. And at the same time the man was so close to me! There is a poem that I intended him, he begins with the lines: "To uncle Anatoly in the house had good under the ceiling, so that health is not enough. And Zosia loved life …"
I referred to his uncle here, and he replied accordingly: "Alexander, I am proud that I have such a nephew." That’s how we found out, that there was no more troubles. For he said, an honor to have such surodnika. Well, I have such an honor to uncle! "
In "House of Writers" — Znich Olga Gapeeva Ales Beetle, 7.08.2007
"Behind the wall" — a new collection of Christian lyric poet Znicha, 6.07.2007

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