Alexander Prokhorov: After Useslaw Sorcerer wish to make Battle Nyamiha

September 1 in Polotsk was inaugurated a monument to Prince Vseslav Sorcerer established with funds collected Polochans. This is the first on the ground Belarus equestrian monument to Prince, a representative of authority, in the European tradition that symbolizes the country’s independence. In our studio Minsk — one of the creators of the monument architect Alexander Prokhorov.
"The main source for us was the" Lay "
Michas Scoble: "Alexander, I can not ask about the timing. Monument Skarina Minsk put fifteen years. That the place could not determine, from the best project … And you Useslaw Sorcerer Polotsk put something suspicious rapidly, not in six months. How to you do it? "
Alexander Prokhorov, "Well, six months later we were doing it, and work on the project lasted two years. Municipal authorities for a long time choosing a place for a monument, arguing, talking. But, thank God, finally determine."
Scoble: "Architects who molded Euphrosyne have the eyes of a mural at the Holy Church Efrasinnevskay. Creators working on style Skoriny repelled from the image in the Bible. Believed that this is their real images. Repelled And from what you own glue Useslaw sorcerer? "
Prokhorov: "I have to announce that the monument did not just me, we worked as a team, the four of us. Three architects Leonid Minkevich, Sergei Ignatyev, and I, and designer Dmitry Sokolov. A related topic I studied at the Academy of Arts since 1994 — did monument" Battle Nyamiha "in which, as we know, was Vseslav Warlock. And what sources … This is the first" Lay. " There are very expressive verbal portrait of the prince, a very successful poet there he outlined. Remember: "Vseslav-Prince courts committed people recommend princes town, and the NIGHT MODE wolf risks from Kiev had time to cock hytru, Horse majestic way restrained. Him in Polotsk call early matins bells in Hagia Sophia, and he hears that hum in Kiev. "
Scoble: "At night wolf risks" — it is still a poetic image. And you have it in fact conceals a wolf’s skin. Vseslav was still a prince, ran a massive principality. "
Prokhorov: "Well, in the 1-x, time has been such … wildly. Vseslav Warlock was so successful politician that has always been there, where he did not expect, and won. This he held power for more than fifty years, In large policy is rarely found. Leonid Minkevich also developed image Sorcerer since 1993. His prince and was sitting and standing … And I "Battle Nyamiha" was the thesis. And when we heard that a competition is announced in Polotsk, decided to participate. "
Project monument Sorcerer Vseslav Polotsk, creator Alexander Prokhorov
"At the city won the contest" Vseslav Warlock "Sergey Bondarenko"
Scoble: "When a competition, you were pochetaemye competitors — Sergey Bondarenko, Ales Shaternik other famous masters. Immediately you were determined to win, doubts?"
Prokhorov: "Well, of course, doubt, although their forces believed. Sergey Bondarenko and Ales Shaternik — really very pochetaemye Architects. Bondarenko — renowned master" rider ", he practiced just on stallions, however, a chamber," kabinetnaga " type. must say that at first there was a city competition, and it defeated Bondarenko. And all for some reason thought that overcomes Shaternik. We even discouraged to participate, they say, everything is there "under Shaternik" organized. But still we worked way, and three heads — better one. Because, apparently, and defeated. "
"The mayor of Polotsk 20 minutes only read out the names of the sponsors!"
Scoble: "The monument is installed in Polotsk Polotsk for the collected funds. They collected appears to be about 200 million rubles. Monument to install this magnitude, this pretty?"
Prokhorov: ‘You see, commercial issues, I try not to touch. My job — excellent sculpt. A means doing Polotsk Mayor Vladimir Stepanovich Whetstone — main initiator of the project. On the monument he has long thought it absolutely his reward. Big thanks to him. At the opening of the monument Mayor listed all investors, without the company or factory, and — referred to by name all those who has promoted money. minutes he read out the names of only 20! I was very impressed. I even experienced a pleasant shock. A cast statue enterprise "Foundry Yard" which is Village Vzlyany that Dudutok nearby recognizable. "
Scoble: "One time recognizable in Russian Belarusian architect critically admitted that when he had to work on the monument excellent leaders, the Moscow colleagues trusted him only to glue the buttons on his coat. Was there in your team division of labor?"
Prokhorov: "We worked together, and worked on an equal footing. Strongly much debate among themselves. Although in the end everything was resolved democratically, each worldview considered. Horses more sculpted Ignatiev, though we helped. Minkevich We engaged prince, but again the same, we have helped colleagues and always together discussing their work. We can say that the statue appeared Useslaw Sorcerer eventually our overall effort. "
"Immediately on the opening of the monument to Vseslav Sorcerer drove several wedding tuples"
Scoble: "Architect Inkov Misha said in Moscow when it was installed monument Sofia Slutskaya, the wedding procession immediately changed the usual route and went not to Lenin, which stands across the street, and to Sofia. And will the emblem shrine for your Polotsk Vseslav sorcerer? "
Prokhorov: "I hope that will be. When opened the monument, there was a great rain. And it struck me that none of Polotsk is gone, all were. This in-1’s. A in-2, immediately on opening the monument arrived several wedding tuples. also symbolic that the monument is set on the road in Russia, in a crowded place, near the famous bridge in Polotsk Reddish. "
"To young to know that in this land since time immemorial lived not Germans, not Russians and Lithuanians-krivichi-Belarusians …"
Scoble: "Another one of your work — a monument to Kirill of Turov — standing in a public garden in the courtyard of the Belarusian Municipal Institute in Minsk. Historical past motivates you more than true?"
Prokhorov: "I would not say so. Just our art, including statue in bolshennom owe Belarusian history. We still have to sculpt and mold — there are huge gaps. We have a difficult history, many wars have driven strongly by Belarus. And because I would like to show our heroes monument — first for the young people who will live after us. To young to know where they came from, who defended their right to life, their right to live in own country. That they knew that this land since time immemorial lived not Germans, not Russians and Lithuanians-krivichi-Belarus. Because I’m in this work very seriously. I remember when I still studied at the Art School named Akhremchik we always cited the example of architects who worked with historical theme — now famous tranquilizer Yanushkevich Ales Drantsa. And for them, and I had a very strong impact teacher whiteRussian language Pauline G. Noskov. She not only taught us the Belarusian language, and put us historical performances. I remember I played the role of a hangman Muraveva-play Vladimir Karatkevich "Custom Kalinowski." I then was such longish Patlakh, looking at all ruthlessly from his forehead … "
Scoble: "Two years ago, you took part in the international competition of architects" Leonardo "and even got there Grand Prix. Demonstrated What are you?"
Prokhorov: "We made the memorial complex" Trostenets. "If anyone does not know Trostenets — this death camp, where the Nazis killed thousands of people. Seems this camp is in fourth place in Europe for the number of victims. As planned by architects Andrei Zait
sev, Gleb Nasedkina and Dmitry Sokolov, a central part of the memorial was be a statue. And I made a arganapadobnuyu form tubes which — as the way to heaven for the souls of the departed. "
Scoble: "You teach at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Do we need young painters in our country? "
Prokhorov: "The artist even in what country it is difficult, no matter where he was. Course, there prepyadstviya I overcame them, too, there was a time — there was no shop, no money. All come with time. I — a living example of what youth can do something for their own country. And you do not have to go overseas in the country. "
"We need to establish municipal programm monuments of prominent historical figures of Belarus"
Scoble: "Monument to Suvorov Kobrin … Monument to Stalin in Svislochi … Not so long ago, a day Belarusian writing and printing, a monument to Count Zorich in Shklou … Do you think how long we will stand monuments symbolizing the Russian (or Russian) kalyaniyalizmu in Belarus? "
Prokhorov: "Until there is created a special programm for establishing municipal monuments historical figures who deserve that something bad Belarus made. Why Municipal? Since monuments — it is very cheap, it does the government alone can cope. "
Scoble: "After Cyril of Turov and Useslaw Sorcerer for you do not have to stoop to consumer goods, to the" beautiful girls under an umbrella. "What project is currently on your workbench?"
Prokhorov: "In my workshop very many projects. Whatever I wanted to do lately? Course," Battle Nyamiha. "Project has been taken up at the monumental council, which recommended its Mingorispolkom device. As an art work he really liked my co-worker and teacher Ivan Misko (he — said Chairman of the Board), Dr. Anatoly Artimovich, Vladimir Zhbanova. So if anyone from the city government hears us, I invite you to the workshop. Please come, look and — helped! "
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