Americans visited the radar station in Azerbaijan

Managing a group of 6 professionals, Brigadier General Patrick OReyli stressed that the visit was informal and that the goal was to recognize professionals that still offer the Russians. At the last summit of the "Big Eight" in Germany Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly proposed to use to deploy parts of a U.S. missile defense radar station in Azerbaijan, which is the birthplace of our leases until 2012.
Moscow strongly opposes U.S. plans to deploy antyraketnay system in Poland and the Czech Republic, plans foreseen that the South American government. Our homeland states that the system deployed in Europe, threatens Russian security. In turn, Washington denies this, he wants to warn system separate missile launches by rogue states such as Iran or North Korea.
Controversy over the U.S. missile defense system complicate the already difficult relationship between Russia and the United States. Not so long ago Our homeland stopped execution of the contract on ordinary weapons in Europe — angular pebbles security on the continent.
Therefore U.S. not rejected the Russian proposal in general, as evidenced by — today’s visit by U.S. professionals to Gabala. But Washington’s strategic plans are not changed — as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. will continue to create a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition, some experts have expressed doubts that the Russian design, which is applied on the Gabala radar station is compatible with the U.S.. But even in the best case, the object can only be a supplement to the system in Poland and the Czech Republic, and not a substitute for it.
In quite a sticky situation under this proposal Putin appeared Azerbaijan, who must balance the interests between United States, RF and adjoining Iran. Says Foreign Ministry spokesman Khazar Ibrahim.
"We now have a strategic partnership with the United States. We too are great, friendly relations with both Russia and Iran, and because we do not want any conflicts between these states. And anyway, we wish that our region was measured and not dangerous because unfortunately, for a long time he was enveloped in conflict. "

Gabala radar station was built in 1984, its radar has a range of 6000 km, it is able to record missile launches from Asia and Africa. His military service 900 of cosmic forces of Russia.

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