Amnestied political prisoners?

Political prisoners Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich and Alexander Kozulin have several penalties — Tipo for violations of internal regulations. Under the Criminal Procedure Code, such cases ability to deprive prisoners to be released early and do not use them amnesty.
Statkevich, Paul and Catherine Sevyarinets Sadouskaya released ahead of schedule in time, when we looked at the issue of trade preferences.
"Amnesty is not abolished once again as we have political prisoners"
Statkevich shared his thoughts about the prospects of other political prisoners amnesty:
"Amnesty is not revoked once just due to the fact that we have political prisoners. In addition, have such levers as introducing amnesty penalty. If four penalties in the prisoner there, it does not fall under the amnesty. I think at this point they will decide on Kozulin. They can throw one year, and can not throw. Especially since, that he has a foreclosure. "
Acting chairman of the Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Anatoly Lewkowicz makes pessimistic predictions about what will reduce sentence Alexander Kozulin.
A.Levkovich: "In such situations, government acts alternately"
"Obviously, as a human would wish" skastsili "was released, etc. But I have such a prediction, that power unlikely to agree to such a step. In such situations government acts in turn. Because I have such a pessimistic outlook. "
Andrei Klimov, who was first in August was sentenced to two years in a serious mode, ahead of schedule may be released. But it may be only in this case, if it has no penalties for violation of the colony and if the administration say that the convict "stood on the path to reform" and "realized his guilt."
Catherine Sadovskaya, who is serving a sentence in prison for insulting the Gomel Alexander Lukashenko believes that in cases of political prisoners, despite the decrees and laws, the decision will be "at the top."
As an example, she remembered that she was released literally within a few minutes: caused to the administration and asked to write a statement that she was very sorry about their own statements and never fails to do so. Human rights activist refused, but she was released.
Most of the prisoners — activists "Young Front", 6.09.2007
EU requests release of political prisoners, 27.08.2007

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