Anastasia Azarko: Whatever the verdict, I will continue my activities

Calm Nesvizha old, friendly people on the streets, crowned with flowers … All this contrasted with the atmosphere around Nesvizhsky Court, which is now guarded 10s policemen and civil guys. And in the adjacent building of the local police were still several 10-s commandos.
So the morning began Tribunal over activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko. Lady accused of participating in an unregistered organization, she faces up to 2 years imprisonment.
However, the prosecutor Igor Paholchik decided to confine fine — asked for Anastasia Azarko fine 500 basis variables is more than 7 thousands of dollars.
Damu such a prospect not scared as the ability to get into jail. Anyway, so read Anastasia reporters. Her colleagues from the "Young Front" at this point expressed his support. It was evident that very worried about the lady.
During the break before the verdict was announced, I saw that even the police witnesses respectfully refer to Anastasia Azarko. Why has begun this process, I asked the activists?
"Someone from the top it is necessary that I, too, condemned. Nyasvizh And here everyone knows what I am doing and I will do it. Here a small town, everyone knows each other, there is no animosity between the opposition and the police. Just one does the trick. "
Lawyer Alexander Galiyev activist in his speech expressed the view that article on responsibility for his role in an unregistered organization in the Criminal Code inconsistent with the Constitution and international obligations assumed by Belarus.
Lawyer critically analyzed confirm that presented investigation. "The actions Anastasia Azarko though she pleaded guilty in part, was not of the crime. ‘Cause it must be a hundred percent justified," — said Alexander Galiyev lawyer.
But the referee Marina Dunaeva recognized activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko guilty and fined. Note that before the arbitrator read the list of materials that were confiscated from the apartment Nasty Azarko. The judges had a chance to read and this line: "Brochure:" How do you judge tribunal, and so you will be judged. "
In the midst of materials seized from activists leaflets were "I Love Belarus" and the poster "Freedom Dmitry Dashkevich."
Support Anastasia Azarko Paul came Seviarynets, human rights, democratic activists of different ages. When Anastasia with flowers in their hands came out of the court, it met with an ovation.
Anastasia said Azarko Radio Liberty:
"I plan to continue and further that what I’m doing Currently active ".

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