And let’s respect people who respect the country and control.

Nicholas Kukso: "With joy I heard on Radio Liberty that in September this year will be played on the radio songs in the performance Danchika. To appreciate and love all the heart and soul of our excellent language imbued with beauty, angelic napevnastsyu and melody of this great treasure of our people — Belarusian songs worth listening to in the performance of our national incomparable Danchika nightingale. "
Man: "In official media constantly talk about success, which also achieved the Republic of Belarus in recent years in industry and agriculture. And in the press reported that in the West, for example in Germany, there is a crisis in agriculture, some collect reared collection. May 11 this year newspaper "The Belarusian Field" wrote: "The Germans are unwilling to work in the field because of the very low prices for languid work. heaviest work in the month a week she has only about 900 euros. course for us this huge funds, but not for German. This is a little more than unemployment benefits, for which no needwhat to do. Those unemployed Germans, who all also decide to work in agriculture, very quickly realize their mistake. "
Quite match the German, who earns 900 euros per month and Belarusian who receives several hundred thousand rubles, so make sure the condition of the wages in our country. As for the unemployed in the country, they almost get nothing. Only a few months, they pay little assistance to the unemployed. And quite often and do not pay anything. "
Maria Ivanovna: "My first sheet Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin received. Others Mr. Alyaksandr my letters did not get. Question: Who is behind this? And how many letters were sent Lukashenko, even though one would read — some replies. Works like this post . "
Igor asleep, Vitebsk: "I would like to again say that such reverence that we have at the moment in Belarus, was not for any leader: neither the communists at Kebich, under Shushkevich Democrats. Now, any complaint, appeal finds in every administration in vertical structures awareness.
At this point in my hand what a postcard written to inform you that your appeal in the name of Vitebsk regional recorded under the number … within a month you will get an answer. Such respect for the man has not been previously. Issues are very many issues are resolved favorably. Really wanted to so RL had information not only negative, and also positive. That would be fair. That would be really democratic and free. And people can solve problems, and I try to help and ability to mothers of large families and the disabled. I respect our management. And let’s respect people who respect the country and management. "
Student: "There was an occasion to congratulate you with a breakthrough. Eventually you asked passers: if they had heard that the EU something there mind? And of the 10 or 12 respondents, only two people have heard something in one ear, as they say. And I asked you to do long interviews beginning with the words "ever heard." And you did it all on his own annotations — first explain to the people that say there is some sort of phenomenon and how you feel about that? I advise you to continue to do so. First ask whether people have heard about what you’re asking. Then you will sense, and listeners will be enthusiasm for such surveys. It will not be just a picture, and can be draw conclusions. And in the end, the ice was broken, Lukashenko went with cap removed pabiratstsa. For Italians give alms. "

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