Anniversary of the disaster: flowers at the stone with the word sorry

Indirect observers for those events become your correspondent Russian edition of "War Journal", currently editor of "free previews" Vasily Zdanyuk.
Commander showed hypervigilant
The journalist was given the task to do an interview with the then head of defense forces (PVO) of Belarus Valery Kostenko. But talking about the development of a unified Russian-Belarusian air defense system a couple of times interrupted duty reports about an unknown object near air Birch, who did not respond to requests and continued to delve into the area of Belarus. To illustrate the actual care of military, General finally ordered to beat "drone".
"Well, and later, when it became clear that beat people killed balloonists appeared very many publications are fully all editions around the world Kostenko blamed in haste solutions — says Basil Zdanyuk. — It’s entirely possible that part of those charges were baseless. As if he had at least 10 minutes delayed its own order to the beating of the balloon, it would itself vymalevalasya real picture: already flown abroad another balloon flies to the edge of another … And immediately would have become clear: something here not so. And that still wondered what would have learned that the participants from Poland flying World Championship pavetraplavanni and that these balloons flew into the Belarusian airy place quite the case. "
In the tradition of the USSR the first time tried to hide the news not only from the public — the U.S. Embassy in Minsk only one day found out about the death of their fellow citizens.
Vacationers wondered at whose house fall knocked gondola
Beaten out of a military helicopter Mi-24 balloon began to fall directly on the dacha cooperative Engine Plant from which to Birch five or six miles. As a resident of Birch knows Valentine Nightingale, many who beheld how to land quickly flies obscure mass, and people are just guessing on whose land it will fall down.
Nightingale: "The house is trivial would beat it even without question. I was standing, looking — all on one fell off, means ours. And our not fallen. Well, I think, just fall on the two-story building (with us very badth one man built a cottage). Thought that he has exactly hurt. In that house next ball almost fell. We immediately drove to the police station and said at exactly the 12th ball beat and proparhav dacha on the basket, first ran there my husband. "
Reporter: "And the police bodies and the ball is already engaged itself?"
Nightingale: "Oh, no, soon plane or helicopter, I do not understand, flew from Minsk. Bureaucrats came from Brest. Here very many people gathered. People wasa lot. All they saw the outline of, dismantled. Later, all loaded on KAMAZ in including and the dead, and taken to the morgue. It’s late, it was getting dark when they were taken to the morgue. "
The pilot made sure that the target destroyed
Mrs. Nightingale recalls after shooting balloon military helicopter has flown over 10 minutes dacha cooperative — the pilot is where the target fell. According to the ladies, through the windows of the helicopter she beheld excellent pilot in helmet and goggles, and they waved him long spouse, pointing to the crash site of the gondola.
If, after the arrival of the police opened the basket, there have been very damaged body 2 persons. According to the documents stipulated that this South American balloonists Frenchel Alan and John Stewart, the participants of the 39th World Cup on the flight range in Switzerland.
And after 12 years after catastrophic incident, none of the Belarusian municipal officials did not take responsibility for what happened. Relatives of the victims also did not wait for the words of forgiveness on behalf of the administration of Belarus.
Athletes honored the memory of those killed are ordinary people who reacted with great awareness to the catastrophic history. At the crash site of the balloon soon appeared ordinary stone with the inscription "I’m sorry" to which the middle of September gardeners are alive flowers.
Pictured: Nightingale family at the crash site of the balloon.

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