As Frantisek fascinated Francis (godmother Czech belorusistiki — 70)

Huge half Frantisek Sokolov works in Slavonic Library, where she came into possession of many unique Belarusian incunabula — for example, the Gospel of Peter Mstssilavtsa Vilna. A after, in the late 70s was found in Prague unknown skaryniyana — pieces "Arbitrators books" — the fate of the first Belarusian printer became perpetual research topic Ms. Sokolova. Noteworthy that in Czech women’s her name has to match the same Francis.
She is the daughter of the philosopher Ian favors, 1st of the founders of "Charter 77." Constant listener "Freedom", derives from first information about their own friends in Belarus. For translations of the works she was cleaning Bykov, Orlova, Baradulin …
To the question, what would she wished Belarusian librarian Frantisek Sokolov responds to believe that will always be need to expand their own horizons and the public. And he adds, did not find this job boring and mechanical.

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