Association named Gennady Karpenko going to promote his ideas

The Board Association currently headed Valery Kostka, who was an assistant Karpenko, when he headed the executive committee Maladziechna and was the vice-speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation. Costco says about the most distinctive features of Gennady Karpenko — morality, respect for subordinates, sensitivity, reliance on experts:
"He loved to select people based on their professionalism, so that they can creatively reach the goals he put before them. Karpenko joined voedinyzhdy. For example, the executive committee Maladziechna worked all — from the Communists to the members of the BPF. And all worked together, the total goal. And among them there was no dispute, as all political issues imposed the boundaries of the executive committee.
It breaks down stereotypes, our zashoranasts. I can not imagine Karpenko during a teleconference meeting of the land. It would be some nonsense. This second type of control, another form of control, it’s other things to a person, to society, to our state. "
Valery Kostka says that the union Karpenko will significantly increase its educational activities. And explain why such a direction is taken specifically:
"All configuration is understood to begin with brains. When people are open-minded, if they live in any stereotypes when there is no ability to associate it leads to stagnation.
And at this point we reiterate that stagnation, the state in which the USSR was the first 1980s. Task because our organization is not wedged in the political struggle, which is presently goes, and to convey to the people as one of the alternatives to the type of control that had Gennady Karpenko. "
Gennady Karpenko widow with children over 5 years living in Germany:
"All these years I tried to save the company. And not because it is named Gennady naming. And therefore, to continue his business, ideas, plans for which he gave his life.
Always tortured me one question: Do I need at the moment the people of Belarus ideas Karpenko remember if at all? I think I remember. And in this I was satisfied at a meeting in Germany when I was approached by people who came from Belarus. It was not only adults, experienced person, and many young people. Well, the article Gennady (political, economic) and burning now. If they would not write 8-9 years ago, and yesterday. "
Gennady Karpenko died April 6, 1999 — recognizable politician while he was deputy chairman of the Joint civilian party. He was preparing for presidential elections in 2001. Unexpected death opposition, which at that time was not even 50 years, crossed the opportunity. Friends Gennady Karpenko said his mysterious death.

• L. Karpenko: "I do not believe that it has been 8 years.", 06.04.2007

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