At the opening of a memorial plaque Bykov no widow, nor her sister was not invited

Members of the TBM in 2003, the year offered to commemorate Vasil Bykov the Vitebsk region — his native land. Suggestions were made available to Executive Committee, and in 2004, the year some of them have been approved at the official level. Namely, and a proposal to install a plaque on the building where presently located Art School, and was formerly an art college. But to honor the memory of the famous writer Vitebsk authorities gathered only at the moment, in conjunction with the opening of the board to a citywide campaign, "We — Belarusians". So Makarov, this event will be on a par with sports competitions, concerts and amateur performances of Belarusian pop "stars" in the Summer Amphitheatre.
Chairman of the Vitebsk regional organization TBM Joseph Navumchyk, learned that the opening of a memorial plaque was not invited to the next of kin Bykov, and namely his widow Ira Mihajlovnu. To resolve this issue, he went to the city council by the deputy chairman of the ideological work of Paul Losich. But sovereign Navumchyk bureaucrat not only accepted but even caused a policeman to force the 70-year-old activist to leave the premises.

"I decided to still say Pavel Ivanovich Losich, that is not very politely not invite Ira Mihajlovnu Bykov. I was expecting it about an hour later looked into the cabinet. He was there, talking to a man — as it turned out, with a Member of Parliament and a candidate Sergei Semashko. I waited again, and suddenly here I was approached by a policeman. I asked if I broke something. A policeman, without any explanation, ordered me to leave the room, while in very categorical terms. I had no choice but to open the door and thank Pavel Ivanovich for the warm welcome. Such brazen, insulting a case for myself I have in my entire hitherto had not! "- Told Joseph Navumchyk.
As it became clear later on invitations Irina Mikhailovna Bikova insisted boards and creators, architects Nicholas Gvozdikav and Valery Mighty. These proposals also executive committee did not listen.

But here, those authorities will do for themselves that they want. So there! Not even invited, nothing! My God, my God, makingsmiling

Sister writer Valentin Bykov, who lives on Ushachchine, Village Volcho not even heard that in Vitebsk will open a plaque in honor of his brother. On hearing the news, 83-year-old Mrs. very upset:
"In not even hear anything! But seemingly wished it would be called, where, when and what. I even sent an invitation from Ukraine, where there Vassilev museum opened. Done there room in the school, appointed themselves … And here is These authorities will do for themselves, that althoughetc. So there! Not even invited, nothing! My God, my God, what’s happening! "
Not invited to the celebration of writers and, more precisely, the part that relates to the organization of the Union of Belarusian Writers, as the manager said Vitebsk branch Franz Sivko. Representatives of the Union of Writers of Belarus invited and will participate in the celebration.
Ira M. Bykov, according Navumchyk, told him by telephone that he would come to Vitebsk from time to time — to lay flowers at the memorial plaque in the measured environment without any official. The writer’s sister, Valentine, too would be willing to look at the board in honor of his brother, but you need to ask someone you know, that was brought to the car. And Valentina says he does not want anyone to load their requests and only cries of resentment.
All previous proposals TBM Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee completed only a few: the restored manor Vasily Bykov in his native village Bulls Usha area where presently memorial museum of the writer made a school museum in the village Kublichi, where he studied the Bulls, and his name was given to child Kublitskaya library.

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