August 30 — International day of missing

The report of the International Committee Reddish Cross argues that the problem of the missing is often ignored in society. The fate of missing persons are equally tragic, but very different in their own history. Among them prisoners who died in jail, victims of massacres, buried in mass graves, soldiers whose remains are not buried tribute, the displaced persons who fled from wars, and those who secretly and against the will of being detained for various reasons.
Committee representative Pierre Krenbyul said in Geneva during the presentation of the report, that for solving the problem of the missing "is not enough," and that the absence of the missing disk imaging urging their relatives suffer every day without giving them the ability to say goodbye to their loved ones and turn this sad page own life .
Report of the International Committee red cross contains personal testimonies and stories of people who long years suffer from the piercing sense of loss. Pierre Krenbyul stressed that there are certain measures that the country and society as a whole are able to do so are not repeated extinction in the future. Often, the solution of the problem is not enough political will specifically.
In December 2006 was adopted "International Convention on the Protection of All Persons forcible disappearance." International Committee red cross urged all countries to sign, ratify and implement this fundamental international document.

According to the authorities in Belarus once a year go missing thousands of people. But international public attention focused on the political disappearances. In 1999, Belarus lost policy Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar and businessman Anatoly Krasovsky. In 2000 — the journalist Dmitry Zavadsky.

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