Autumn — time active network of business

First on my first contact with the networkers. Three months I had the imprudence to reverse say neighbor in the house, I wish buy a good pan. Evening neighbor, who, as it turned out, is a distributor network of Swiss company "Zepter", brought to my apartment immediately 6 pans of this company. According to a neighbor, after, as she began to prepare meals specifically in this vessel, lost her entire family acquired diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract.
I wanted to buy a frying pan, and I was offered 5
I wanted to buy only one pan, but I neighborly recommended purchase 5, because only 5 pans can give the desired effect in terms of health. In addition, in this case I can get a free sixth pan. Our trade lasted about an hour. I finally bought one, but an entirely different matter — masazher who never took it.
On this week unfamiliar networkers in transit subway tried to teach me how to can start your successful business. For this I need to come to an interview in their study of "Nature’s Sunshine Products" — in short NSP, and there I will teach …
Call and ask what I can offer for me to be happy.
Interlocutor seems Nicholas. He asked about my education and age:
"We help people and teach them how to live a wealthy and well"
"Likewise reached a certain age, we begin to find where to make money. As a result, retirement, man remains with nothing. He begins to think about how to exist. So, here, there is a project, a 35 year. We help people and teach them how to live a wealthy and well. We teach them how to be without finansovlozheny feet. In order to understand what it is like not even earn, and have the means, we have to encounter. you first heard of disk imaging unit, and later we talk. After phone is not done. "
To talk to this company I’m not going. At the appointed time comes to me even more "cool" the presentation of another network, "Vision" — in bolshennom Hall writers.
In the foyer of the premises presented numerous pamphlets on how to become the first person in his family home town.
People who come on the stage of the hall, talking about how they were able to achieve of success. One young man knows that before he met with the production company he was very poorly trained and ill most likely unworkable and disease.
Guy: "I’m 20 years old. I accept products with 12 years. Since then I have never been sick. Always stand quietly flu and various other epidemics. And I really like this product."
As the speakers, only the drugs and vitamins and is a true panacea for everything.
"The main thing — usabachyts as much as possible a wide variety of products"
My Fellow Tatiana, which we visited this presentation, tried to "implement" the Company:
"They lured me in every way. The forthcoming step was to sign an agreement. I said that I am willing to think slightly, as will be occupied by another. It is necessary in any case to purchase first set. Set — luxury, from kasmetychki, perhaps ending — bio active additives. Obviously not bring harm, and another thing, as you need it. worth about 200 bucks. And further, it is necessary to recruit other people. Main — usabachyts possible more wide variety of goods. You can lie horrible. Worked various schemes designed for age, intellectual level. People almost brainwashed. Emphasis — you become self-reliant. "
As the employee in such a network business, which is also referred to as pyramidal, you need a very whirl. One story — bosses, who are sitting at the top, and another thing — the middle tier.

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