Awkward writers deleted from school applets

Names folk poets and Neil Gregory Baradulin Gilevich in the program remained. However, their work will be taught not to the extent that the earlier and much smaller.
Left modified the program and the name of the national writer Vasil Bykov. Instead of "Dragnet", but students will be taught "Sotnikov" — a product of the last years of his life were not included in the list.
Here that reads this literature, Ph.D Michas Tychina:
"Everything that concerns the work of Vasily Vladimirovich Bykov last years of life, which is more than a decade, where we meet a stranger Bykov sudden — maybe even one that breaks new ground in Belarusian literature, they are here just no ".
"Tuteyshyya"? Only at an advanced level "
Revised chapter period of the 1930s and this time mass repressions in the history of Belarusian literature. Memoirs Larissa Heniyush, Sergei Grahovski, Paul Prudnikova Yankey Skrygan, other writers who have gone through the Gulag, remained outside applets. Like works of Belarusian writers abroad.
Senior Inspector of the Ministry of Education Podlipskaya Zoe explains exclusion of many recognizable pieces of programs from a desire to improve the teaching load for schoolchildren.
For this reason alone, she said, eminent Kupala "Tuteyshyya" of applets for secondary schools have moved to utility for classes with philological bias.
"Here we have another task was to avoid duplication. Because in other classes" Aboriginal Song "and other poems … Tragikamedyya" Tuteyshyya? "Thus, only at an advanced level."
New names in the program from the Council made a power Alliance Writers
Mrs. Podlipskii poetry itself, as well as her sister’s poems Taisii Trofimova included, by the way, in the example program of mandatory. They were recommended by friends to make the power of the Union of Writers of Belarus.
All of these tips collected by the special commission of the Ministry of Education. That’s who, for example, recommended that teach students a member of this alliance Jora Marchuk.
"Generation Shnip, Zmitrok Morozov Oleg Saltuk, Paznyakov Misha Raisa Borovikova Mikola Metlitski. Time flows — there are new professional creators. Works and kids need to know what is happening with the current state of the Belarusian literature. "
V.Orlov: An "Denuded school programs from my texts"
What did to those writers whose works of students at the moment do not have to know, for them the decision did not surprise officials. Vladimir Orlov says:
"I think that the premise of complete stripping school programs from my texts is not only suspicious character creator, and the works themselves. Emphasized that students studied specifically has historical stories and the novel, first addressed to young readers, which formed the historical and means and national consciousness. In the imagination of today’s government history should be very rather short and not be 10 centuries, and only a few decades.
Regime even easier to deal not with the Belarusians who feels for a century European history, and with those for whom the story begins with the days when beer cost 37 cents, and even better with those for whom the starting point of this story was the 1994 general year. "

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