Baranavichy last trials of youth activists

The Tribunal was in absentia. Referee Oksana Kushava recognized both guilty of disorderly conduct and a small part in an unsanctioned rally.
Since Ivan Shyla minor, his case was transferred to the administrative commission at Soligorski executive committee. Sovereign Ustsinovich fined 124 thousand rubles.
Human rights activist Sergei Housha commented Vladimir Vstsinovichu sentence:
"This man is unemployed, has 3 children. He wrote in the report that does not agree with the prosecution. Justifies that court structure proved the case. But he did not come to the court. Though lawyer asked:" Why did you not believe him ? "The arbitrator issued its own verdict."
Passed through the courts of sixteen 20 lured to administrative responsibility in Baranovichi.
Last Tribunal held on September 28. On September 27, to be released from custody Seviarynets Paul — the only protesters solidarity punished arrest.
• Yaroslav Hryshchenya: "In the arena of youth must go", 11.09.2007

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