Baranovichi: again judged in absentia public activists

Human rights activist Sergei Housha said in court again revealed errors in police reports:
"For example, it is recorded that" Arsene Pakhomov yelled. "What yelling? Just not reported."
Protocol charges Arsene Pakhomov violating Article 23:31 of the Administrative Code Tribunal returns Baranavičy police department for revision.
In another protocol, Arsene Pakhomov is charged that "very swish." Arbitrator determines that a violation and impose a fine of 62 thousand rubles.
Charges for his role in an unauthorized rally and put forward the Tribunal against Catherine Solovevoj. But in preparing protocols police made several legal errors. The Tribunal will return them to the police station .. Baranavičy

Administrative proceedings in court cases Baranovichy extend from September 10. In violation of the detainees in the blame trial Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya. On the day the policy Sevyarinets Paul was arrested for 17 days. Currencies fines over time have already received 10 members of an unregistered organization "Young Front. "

• D.Fedoruk: "The courts collect fines on wages riot", 19.09.2007 • Baranovichi: courts of last every day, 18.09.2007

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