Baranovichi: courts every day last

First to the tribunal now called student from Minsk Alexander Milintsa. Interrogated him for 30 minutes.
For cry "Long live Belarus!" Put me together with Agurbash and Jagger
"I was accused of participating in a meeting where I yelled" Long live Belarus! . "But from the dictionary Ushakov learned that the word" meeting "means a political meeting. We itself was not. And in-2, I wish that I was put in a cell with Angelica Agurbash and Mick Jagger. They, too, it read: "Long live Belarus!" — reads Alexander Milinets.
Minutes of his detention tribunal sent to the city police department for revision. Moved to another day as the tribunal in case of Sergei Klyuyev.
11 September Baranovichi tribunal punished already seven public activists. They now met a mother of Paul Sevyarinets:
"I’m almost in love these people. They also committed to. Same sincere. "
Baranavichy Tatiana Seviarynets visited the detention center, handed things scion Paul.
Paul Sevyarinets should release September 27
Paul was detained on September 10 and sentenced to 17 days in jail.
"Even in conjunction with the police believed — 27th Pasha should release. Whatever brought him — took. Twice it out for a walk for half an hour. Well, police said."
Courts in Baranovichi currently occur every day
September 10, along with Paul Sevyarynets detained 16 more public activists.
Baranavičy human rights activist Sergei Housha reads:
"Courts last every day. Tomorrow will be two and so on. Last Tribunal — 28 September. Pressure goes Young people. And they want to make their companies to officially and legitimately act. And I think that young people will overcome. Behind her the truth. "
Malady urged judges to send portraits Sevyarinets, 17.09.2007 • Ya.Grischeney: "If we are to judge for Belarus, so let’s see, in 1937", 11.09.2007

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