Baranovichi: Criminal case against another 1st Malady

Victor Parnachov was arrested Baranovichi on the night of 10 to August 11. Then a few people caused the inscriptions on the City Court building: "End the persecution of MF" and "End the persecution of democratic youth!." In the hands of the police only got Victor Parnachov.
Earlier, another activist "Junior Front"- Artur Finkevich — was convicted for political graffiti during the presidential campaign:" We wish the new ". He is serving his sentence at the chemistry of the special settlement in Mogilev. During graffiti just been convicted about 10 ka man, but the investigation and the courts qualified their acts as property damage and hooliganism.
Baranovichi: Malady detained for graffiti "Stop the persecution of MF!", 11.08.2007

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