Beer again available at kiosks in Grodno

Correspondent"At the moment I try to verify whether indeed again in kiosks at bus stops appeared beer, which authorities had previously forbade selling? And In-1’s disappointment kiosk with chocolate, beer, biscuits Stop on Dzerzhinsky Street next to the puppet theater disappeared completely, it is not … Follow the bus stop at the railway station, at the time of check out here. "
Saleswoman"About that — you were selling or not, I do not know my boss brought beer, I put it on the counter."
Correspondent"And how people react?"
Saleswoman"They are already weaned, and such implementation, as previously, of course not at the moment. Many wonder: a, have a beer? But everyone who buys beer, they say: in the end, very well."
Correspondent"Youth for taking beer at bus stops, or not?"
Guy"I am an athlete and he categorically negative attitude to beer. This harms, spoils our youth. Beer is sold everywhere, it can sell even to children 14 years of age, as do not look their age. Merchants that" the drum ": let drink beer, let the smoke. What is currently possible to behold? Go in the evening — two bottles of beer, smoke. But I never saw that someone reading a book, even carrying her in his hands. beers to my will, I would have just canceled all. "
Second man"I buy beer. In my opinion, there is no distinction: it will sell in stores or kiosks, in any case, they will take it."
Correspondent"The stalls in the town center has become smaller, but here’s another — in the street youth. On the glass next to the beer" information for buyers. "Reads: the Ministry of Justice was considered a collective appeal for personal business Grodno region and found that the decision of Grodno authorities — regional and urban — to ban beer sales at the station considered invalid. Such a sense of the content of the paper should be, which is placed in the booth. "

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