Before the heating season in the government are prepared to raise utility rates

In This year communal defaulters put almost 25 thousand lawsuits and has already sought 15 billion rubles. 152 families evicted and 406 waiting for the trial.
The Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities shall be removed to say, as soon as rates rise, but it will not deny. Chief economist of the Ministry Vera Tomil’chik Never satisfied with the current pricing policy:
"What we have here means paying for? Water — gratis — generally shame. We as employees industry, it is very sad. Take a bottle of water — two thousand pay — and a month for water two thousand. Must also and associate with other prices. We same sad too, bringing our economy. Must also think the future. "
In the past heating season accommodation in a studio apartment in Minsk one person worth almost 100 thousand rubles. Family of 3 persons in the three-room apartment is squandered from 150 to 200 thousand.
Economist and politician Yaroslav Romanchuk declares that the problem of increasing utility tariffs for the government only choice is to make it unobtrusive.
"This year, consumers were transferred about 60% of the costs. In Next year, it will be necessary move further. It may be that some preferential rates will be left, and that over — will be paid at inflated rates. Maybe that will be introduced on the regulation of energy consumption, maintenance, may introduce payment for real estate, which will also make the loss of the new prices for energoelementy. I think the government will find a method how to fool people and get into them in the pocket. "
Sovereign Romanchuk believes that prices will rise a little every month. Significant, the increase will take place in the end of the season after the parliamentary elections. The opposition intends to focus public attention on this, says one of the favorites of United Democrats Vintsuk Vyachorka.
"I’m still with its own local elections campaign met with local activists zhyharskaga movement. They are arranging to keep under control the meters installed in the basements of houses. Politicized structure is ready civilian society, from which one step to the formation of political structures. "

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